Honda Debuts New Civic Type R, powerful than ever

Honda Civic turns fifty, and its high-performance Type R version blows out 25 candles. What better time to present the new Civic Type R, built based on the eleventh generation of one of the most successful cars in the world?

Although less aggressive than the previous generation (which in the opinion of the writer remains one of the most beautiful Civic ever ), the new Japanese medium has lines that well combine elegance and sportiness, and which in this sporty Type R version are further accentuated by the changes made by the Japanese engineers: the car is wider and lower, with protruding wheel arches inside which stand out 19 ” matt black alloy wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S rubber

Sport Aerodynamics

The rear part of the car body, including the doors, has been re-designed specifically for the Type R, to obtain greater aerodynamic benefits. Also new are the side spoilers behind the front wheels and the small deflectors in front of the rear ones. The grille is larger to send more air to the engine, which also benefits from a thinner hood and a new air intake in the center. At the rear, we find instead a generously sized rear diffuser integrated into the underbody and a conspicuous spoiler on the tail, with aluminum supports, lower and wider than the previous model.


The Japanese sports car will be available in the popular Championship White that we see in these images, but also in Rallye RedRacing Blue PearlCrystal Black, and Sonic Gray.

Honda Civic Type R Interior

2023 honda civic type r interior

The cockpit of the Civic Type R takes up the minimal and modern style of the new Japanese sedan, enriching it with details that underline the sporty vocation of the car. The driving position and hood have been lowered to offer better visibility, blind spots reduced to a minimum. Not satisfied, the Japanese designers also tried to minimize the reflections of light coming from the outside. 

Corsa Red

The seats are sporty, with red suede upholstery, a color also echoed by the floor mats, the Honda logo in the center of the steering wheel, and the ambient light on the door panels. The steering wheel is covered in Alcantara, and the digital instrumentation is exclusive to this version.

2023 honda civic type r

Honda Civic Type R Driving Mode

A small selector next to the gearbox (strictly manual) allows you to select the driving modes available, which affect the engine, steering, suspension, and engine sound in the passenger compartment. In addition to Comfort and Sport, you can customize the driving experience with Individual mode. A specific key is dedicated to the most extreme driving mode + R. 

2023 honda civic type r

On-board Telemetry

The Honda LogR telemetry is back, which in this version makes the most of onboard technology and smartphone integration, combining the data collected by sensors with an app that helps riders to monitor and record numerous data in real-time. Among the main functions of the telemetry, are a stopwatch for lap times, a 3D graph of the grip circle to show the maximum force that can be developed by the tires, and an unprecedented scoring system to help the driver improve.

2023 honda civic type r

Although the car has been officially presented, Honda has not yet revealed the technical data of its engine, limiting itself to saying that it will be a ” further evolution ” of the Type-R 17YM used on the previous model, capable of ” developing the driving faster, more engaging and at the same time safe and satisfying than its history “. The first tests seem to agree with the company’s claims, given that the new Civic Type R has already set the lap record for a front-wheel-drive sedan at the Japanese circuit of Suzuka.

2023 honda civic type r

For the record, the previous 2.0-liter VTEC turbo petrol developed the beauty of 320 hp and 400 Nm. The changes made to this new iteration of the VTEC concern the turbocharger with a turbine optimized in the number and shape of the blades, a more efficient radiator, and a renewed exhaust system. The six-speed manual gearbox has been improved, with the rev-match system that manages the engine rpm in downshifting. New Brembo brakes, keep the two-piece discs of the previous generation. Finally, the three exhaust design allows for better sound modulation, because the ear also wants its part. Also and above all at a time when petrol engines are destined to make less and less noise …

2023 Honda Civic Type R Price

Honda has not yet talked about prices, but we can keep as a reference those of the previous generation, which started from 42,400 euros for the less flashy model, up to the eye-catching Limited Edition, produced in 100 numbered copies for Europe, and sold for 50,000 euros . . The first deliveries of the New Honda Civic Type R are expected in early 2023.

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