Honda HR-V 2022: First tests in Europe

The Japanese brand is already working on a new generation of its SUV and these images are the best proof of this.

Seven years have passed since the current generation Honda HR-V debuted and the wait to meet a replacement is very close to ending. Our spies tell us that there is some uncertainty in this regard since the launch date of the Japanese SUV could take place in March, but other information from sources close to the brand assures that this act will take place in greater this year.

First tests in Europe

Regardless of the chosen date, the next-generation Honda HR-V is being developed in Japan, where road tests began a few months ago, but has now moved to Europe to continue its fine-tuning and best testing. we have it with the first photographs in our continent that our secret agents have captured.

In terms of design, the 2022 Honda HR-V will sport a mix of styles from traditional SUVs and modern crossovers. These photos reveal a more muscular upright front end featuring a noticeably larger hexagonal grille, a flat, inverted V-shaped hood that sits higher, and slimmer headlights. The SUV will also sport a larger cabin and straighter roofline that will improve exterior visibility and rear headroom.

As for the rear, its design will be opposite to the front and the sides, with a very elegant rear window that fits perfectly with that sporty look that is given to coupe-style SUVs. Like the front light clusters, the taillights appear to be linked together and exhibit more elegant shapes that will give the vehicle a daring style.

Honda HR-V 2022

Honda HR-V 2022 Interior

There are also likely to be significant interior improvements. Our spies tell us that the 2022 Honda HR-V will feature a sleeker, space-free center console, a fully digital instrument cluster, and an all-new touchscreen infotainment system that will be compatible with Apple CarPlay, wireless Android Auto, and 5G. The driving experience will be safer thanks to an improved and more comfortable Honda Sensing technology, especially in the rear seats, as the wheelbase will grow by about 50 millimeters.

Honda HR-V 2022

About the mechanical part, everything indicates that the new generation of the SUV will be offered with a plug-in hybrid propulsion system e: HEV similar to that of the Honda Jazz, so it will combine a gasoline thermal engine with two other electric ones to generate together a total of 109 horsepower. Production of the current HR-V is expected to end in February and the new delivery will reach dealerships in the first half of 2021.

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