Honda new electric SUV will arrive in Europe in 2023

Few brands have experienced such a sharp turnaround in recent years as Honda. The Japanese brand, which had staked everything on hybrids and the hydrogen fuel cell, is now trying to make up for a lost time in the battery-electric car sector, which it joined later than rivals like Nissan.

Although the friendly Honda e is being a resounding failure in Europe due to its low autonomy and high price, the new executive director of the company will try to correct this error by promoting the development of new electric models that can compete for face to face. against the increasingly numerous proposals of the competition.

According to a report recently published by the specialized press, the next AccordCR-V and NSX will be 100% electric. In addition, the company is also apparently working on the development of a pocket-sized electric sports car derived from the Honda e. This model, which could revert to the name CR-Z or even CR-X, will coexist with the future Thermal Integra.

Intending to reduce costs and speed up the development of new electric vehiclesHonda has signed a collaboration agreement with General Motors, as a result of which the Japanese brand will be able to use the US group’s Ultium platforms and batteries. The first result of this union will be the Honda Prologue, a large SUV that initially will only arrive in North America.

Honda new electric SUV will arrive first in China

Honda E SUV

Despite the good prospects offered by this alliance, for the moment everything seems to indicate that Honda will continue to use its technology in markets such as Europe or Japan, where smaller vehicles are in demand than in the United States. Although some will reuse the Honda e platform, others will derive from the thermal cars already sold by the company.

This is the case of one of the most anticipated launches of the brand: the production version of the concept car SUV e: prototype. This vehicle, which will hit the Chinese market in 2022, will be a simple electric version of the new HR-V, a compact SUV 4.33 meters long that is currently only marketed with a single non-plug-in hybrid mechanics.

Although at the moment only its arrival in China is confirmed, recent statements by Jean-Marc Streng (head of Honda’s British subsidiary) make us think that it will also arrive in Europe. «We are going to bring a new electric model in 2023; that is the next step, which will help us to have a broader offer. It will be an offer in the right segment, so it will achieve more sales.

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