Honda prepares to present a new electric SUV for Europe

The Japanese company they have released a first teaser in which the profile of their two new electric cars can be seen. Both will be part of the new e:N family. Honda announced a few months ago its intention to introduce a new exclusive electric car division called e: N. In the coming days, the Shanghai International Motor Show will take place and this will be the place chosen by the Japanese brand to present its two new electric cars, although only one of them is expected to reach Europe.

Honda is expanding its branches in terms of electric cars. The company has already reached important agreements with automotive giants, such as General Motors, as well as with technology companies, such as Sony, with which it will launch its brand that they have called Afeela. However, Honda continues in its footsteps as its own automobile company and is already heating the engines to publicly show its new production of electric cars.

At the moment, all the information we have about it is the image that heads this article. In it, you can see two crossover or SUV vehicles that promise to be fully electric and belong to the e:N family. According to rumors in this regard, one of them could be destined for the European market, while the second would only be for the Chinese territory.

About a year ago, the names that some Honda electric vehicles in Europe will have were discovered, through a leak discovered by the CarBuzz medium. In it, the change of direction on these in the Japanese brand was appreciated, since the total absence of already known nomenclatures set off all the alarms and brought closer the possibility that future electric models include the name e:N, together with a number determined by the specific model.

honda prologue

The Japanese brand they have stated that the new “e:N” nomenclature represents “Honda’s desire to energize people who are trying to do things based on their initiative in the age of electrification.” In other words: the company seeks to launch an electrical product that is aesthetically groundbreaking, emotionally dynamic, and highly technological.

The long-awaited event in Shanghai will open its doors to the public on April 18, 2023. Honda will also show three new electric bikes (we imagine for the Eastern market), its new and updated Honda Connect 4.0 system, and the next generation of active and passive safety features called Honda Sensing 360 ADAS. However, the two electric cars are presented as the true stars of the brand’s stand. In just two weeks we will leave doubts.

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