Honda unveils Prologue electric SUV

Honda has chosen to partner with GM for the development of an electric SUV called Prologue which will be the very first fully electric vehicle from the manufacturer to land in Canada. One more step has just been taken with the unveiling by the manufacturer of several images of the vehicle that reveal its style both inside and out. Alas, very few other details have been released.

Due to its size approaching that of a Honda Passport, it’s a safe bet the Prologue will share many of its components with GM’s electric midsize SUV, the upcoming Blazer. The good news, in light of the first images, the styling of the Honda has nothing to do with that of the Chevrolet. It was drawn by a team of young designers based in Los Angeles, and its inspiration comes from the small Honda e, an electric city car sold in other markets.

The very straight and horizontal front has nothing to do with other Honda SUVs. Granted, the headlights look like the CR-V’s, but the thinner grille gives it a more serious look. The side proportions also reveal an elongated and quite low vehicle, which is corroborated by the dimension data. The length of 4,877 millimeters makes it a longer vehicle than the Passport, but its height of just 1,643 millimeters makes it nearly 19 centimeters lower than its sibling. 21-inch wheels grace the profile.

The rear portion is the one most directly inspired by other models on the market. With its very horizontal lights joined by a black applique, the resemblance is striking with a Land Rover Range Rover Evoque, especially since the bezel is thin and the Honda logo is replaced by the name of the brand written in full.

Honda Prologue interior

Typical Honda interior

Technology invites itself on board in an environment typical of the Japanese manufacturer. The 11.3-inch central screen sits squarely on the dash, like in the Civic or CR-V, while the 11-inch instrument cluster appears to sprawl behind the steering wheel. A few buttons are placed to the left of the steering wheel, but the most interesting remains the unobstructed center console which seems to offer voluminous storage spaces. You can also see the presence of a large panoramic sunroof.

According to the manufacturer, the Prologue will be a natural continuation for buyers of the Honda CR-V in a hybrid version, motorization that should constitute up to 50% of the sales of the new compact SUV model. Further details on the Prologue’s engine, its expected range, and onboard equipment will be revealed in the coming months, while the vehicle will arrive on the market during 2024.

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