How many Cybertrucks has Tesla already produced?

Do you remember the dust that was mounted around the production of the Tesla Model 3 in the year 2017? In July of that year, many were the estimates that were made about the volume of units that had already been produced. It should be noted that, at that time, what was known as production hell took place. The current situation with the Cybertruck is very different, although it is still a topic that generates debate. 

With a much calmer production pace than on that occasion, Tesla is aware that the pickup will have to be delivered in a greater number of daily units by 2024. If we were asked today, how many Cybertrucks could have already been produced? It is known that Elon Musk has already tested the model that will finally be on the assembly line, but not much more information is known about it. Some leaks suggest that unit number 100 has just been produced

Speculation on the number of Cybertrucks produced reopens the debate

Is the Texas Gigafactory assembly line ready to welcome the electric van? Matthew Donegan-Ryan, one of the analysts who knows the ins and outs of Tesla the most, has reported on the production of the Cybertruck and the volume of units produced ready for delivery. According to the information available, a total of 100 Cybertrucks would have already been manufactured. If this is confirmed in the coming days, Tesla could meet the schedule and deliver the first units on time. 

It should be remembered that the Cybertruck delivery event will take place next September. To understand the volume of units and the fulfillment of expectations, Tesla delivered a total of 30 Model Y during the presentation of the access crossover. Taking into account the numbers that are being considered, it can be seen how everything would be ready in the production line to increase the volume of daily units manufactured. 

It is important to point out that over the last few days, it has been possible to see various car trucks transporting production units on their trailers. Taking into account that weeks ago, in addition, the last test Cybertruck mules were seen in the snow and ice, everything seems to indicate that Tesla has everything ready for the official event. What began as the presentation of a simple prototype with hardly any future has ended up becoming a model with thousands of orders to materialize. 

Tesla Cybertruck

Even though it is not the model that generates the most sales expectations within the brand, it is predicted that Tesla could produce between 250,000 and 500,000 units per year, once cruising speed is reached in the medium term. 

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