Huawei Car: Planning New Generation Electric Car

For the past few days Apple had been generating headlines almost daily from having a pretty solid plan to build a car . The last we heard is that there was a problem with the companies he tried to ally with, leaving the project stranded again . In a rather abrupt change of direction, now it seems that Huawei could join this phenomenon, achieving it much sooner than expected. Reuters has leaked some information and it all looks very solid.

As I told you at the beginning, Reuters reports that sources with “direct knowledge of the matter” assure that Huawei is already in an advanced process of development and that they could even present not a single car, but a complete range by the end of this same 2021 . All products would be electric and in an accessible price range to appeal to the masses.

These same sources assure that Huawei is negotiating with two Chinese conglomerates so that they are in charge of manufacturing their vehicles. Changan Automobile is targeted , who collaborate directly with Ford to manufacture the Mach-E for the Chinese market. The other apparent negotiation is with BluePark New Energy Technology, a branch of BAIC .

Huawei has already been questioned about it, but its response was somewhat reserved, since they published a statement in which they deny any such situation. Where they probably do have an interest is in the development and creation of technological components for vehicle communication, either oriented for communication towards intelligent infrastructure, other cars or mobile devices, making them more of a component supplier than a new one. competitor as a complete car brand.

Some analysts believe that if there is a legitimate interest in fully entering the automotive industry, it is due to the restrictions that the United States applied to the semiconductors that Huawei can obtain, after the legal battle they lived with the US government a few years ago months. Therefore, Huawei would be forced to change its approach to work in an industry less dependent on certain types of technological components to stay afloat.

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