Hyundai Ioniq 5 gets large 77 kWh battery and camera mirror

The Ioniq 5 will get a larger battery and optional cameras instead of exterior mirrors in the second half of the year. Hyundai Motor Europe (HME) announced this in February, while nothing was heard from Hyundai Germany. The 77 kWh version can now be found in the German configurator.

The Ioniq 5 was launched globally in February 2021. Now it seems it’s time for an update. With the 2023 model year, the electric SUV will have a 77.4 kWh battery, i.e. the same battery that the longest-range versions of the Kia EV6 have and that is standard on the Genesis GV60. The previously offered 73 kWh battery is no longer offered. In addition, the all-wheel-drive version with 58 kWh was eliminated. The new product range looks like this:

 Ioniq 5 2WD 58kWhIoniq 5 2WD 77kWhIoniq 5 4WD 77kWh
drive power125kW168kW239 kW
(165 front, 74 rear)
system torque350 Nm350 Nm605 Nm
0-100km/h8.5 sec7.3 sec5.1 sec
top speed185km/h185km/h185km/h
Power Consumption WLTP16.7kWh/100km17.0kWh/100km17.9kWh/100km
Range max. WLTP384 km507 km481 km
Charging time AC (10-100%)approx. 5habout 7h20about 7h20
Charging time DC (10-80%)about 18 minutesabout 18 minutesabout 18 minutes
base price43,900 euros4,000 euros extra charge15,300 euros extra

This confirms a rumor from November. As a battery analysis showed, Hyundai’s 73 kWh battery simply had fewer modules installed than the 77 kWh battery; so the upgrade should not have been a technical feat.

The prices also went up, but oddly enough not for the versions with the large battery, but the basic price for the 170 kW rear-wheel drive with a 58 kWh battery. This still cost 41,900 euros in June, now 43,900 euros are required, i.e. 2,000 euros more.

The surcharge for the large battery is still 4,000 euros. However, the range increases only moderately compared to the 73 kWh version, namely from 481 to 507 km. The drive power is also slightly higher at 168 instead of 160 kW – the system performance was probably previously limited by the battery. 

For a large battery plus all-wheel drive, 15,300 euros are required; so you end up with 59,200 euros. Here, however, the technology package is also standard on board.

Hyundai Ioniq 5

We did not find two other extras that HME announced in February in the configurator, and a PDF price list does not currently exist. These extras are a camera-based interior mirror ( Digital Center Mirror, DCM ) and the cameras as a replacement for the exterior mirrors ( Digital Side Mirrors, DSM, see our cover photo).

According to HME, battery conditioning should also be new. It prepares the battery for an upcoming quick charge while driving. So you should have an optimally tempered battery at the quick charging station so that high charging capacities can be achieved even in the cold. The function is activated automatically when a charging station is entered as a destination in the navigation system. In addition, the Smart Frequency Dampers (SFD)  should increase driving comfort.

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