Hyundai Ioniq 5 N Will Be Around 600 Hp

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 is enjoying enormous success internationally. This medium crossover, which has conquered the public thanks to its distinctive design and its ultra-fast charging system, has become one of the best examples of the rapid electrification that the D segment (medium SUV) is experiencing.

Currently, the Hyundai IONIQ 5 is marketed in our country with three mechanical options: Standard Range 2WD (58 kWh, rear-wheel drive), Long Range 2WD (77.4 kWh, rear-wheel drive), and Long Range 4WD (77.4 kWh, rear-wheel drive). total). Although there is also a version that combines the lower capacity battery with total traction, at the moment it is not offered in Spain.

The Standard Range 2WD has a power of 170 CV (125 kW) and approves a range of 384 km WLTP. The Long Range 2WD goes up to 228 hp (168 kW) and announces 507 km WLTP, while the Long Range 4WD goes to 325 hp (239 kW) and 454 km WLTP. Although this latest variant is really powerful, there will soon be a new option with even more performance crowning the range.

And it is that Hyundai is finalizing the development of the IONIQ 5 N, the most performance version of its electric SUV. Albert Biermann, ex-head of Hyundai N and technical adviser to the company, has confirmed in a recent interview that the long-awaited model will be even more powerful than the wild KIA EV6 GT, which announces 585 hp (430 kW).

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

The Hyundai IONIQ 5 N will have a “Drift” mode

“It will be so much faster than the i30 N. How could it be slower? It has almost 600 CVs». Although he did not want to give a specific figure, he has dropped that ” it could be 580, 600, 620 hp…”, although he places more emphasis on the tuning of the chassis. “ The speed will not be the important thing. In fact, speed will exceed him».

Biermann has also announced that the vehicle will have a “Drift” mode that will allow the car to perform controlled drifts. Its braking system will be revised to improve its performance, while the sound of the car will be more refined. “A real challenge [is] mimicking the exhaust note of a high-performance gasoline car.”

The body kit will also be specific and will give it a more aggressive and menacing image. How could it be otherwise, it will continue to be able to go from 10 to 80% charge in just 18 minutes thanks to its 800-volt electrical system, which will allow it to reach peaks of 239 kW of power in direct current.

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