Incredible! MG4 price drops below 20,000 euros

It already had a demolition price and even so, MG has launched a campaign by lowering the price of the electric MG4 by another 2,000 euros, leaving it at less than 19,300 euros for the access version

The price is one of the great assets of the electric MG4, although everything indicates that it is not the only one. The new electric car of the reborn MG is a compact that competes in the segment of the Cupra Born, the electric Renault Megane E-Tech, and the Volkswagen ID.3, among others. However, it is much more affordable than all of them, and now it is even more so thanks to the brand’s new campaign, which leaves the price of the MG4 below 20,000 euros

Yes, you read it right. It sounds strange in these times, with the prices of cars (and everything in general) through the roof, but the MG4 launches a new promotional campaign that lowers its price by 2,000 euros. The condition is to finance the car with Santander Promo-Finance, with whom MG has established a commercial agreement to carry out the financing of its vehicles. 

Including the discount for financing (2,000 euros), the aid from the MOVES III Plan with scrap metal (7,000 euros), and the brand campaign (1,210 euros), the price of the MG4 remains at 19,280 euros. It’s not that their rivals can’t match that price, it’s that all of them are much more expensive and in some cases cost more than double. But not only that: with this price it becomes one of the most affordable electric cars on the market.

Those 19,280 euros correspond to the access version, the MG4 Electric Standard with 350 kilometers of range, a 51 kWh battery, and a motor with 125 kW of power (170 CV). Standard equipment includes full LED headlights, the MG Pilot assistant package, a multimedia system with a 10.25-inch touchscreen, digital instrument cluster, automatic start and keyless entry, V2L two-way charging system, automatic light change road, rear parking sensors, and automatic climate control, among others.


But the campaign affects all versions, so we have that the MG4 Comfort, with the large battery and 450 kilometers of range, is priced at 23,280 euros including the discounts mentioned above. This version is more powerful and comes better equipped as standard.

The MG4 Comfort has 150 kW of power (204 hp), a nickel-cobalt-manganese battery with 64 kWh capacity, and among the equipment, it adds 17-inch wheels, a front grill with active aerodynamics, a leather steering wheel, and rear windows with tinted windows. It also has faster charging in the direct current: 135 kW compared to 117 kW for the Standard version.

MG4 interior

Above it is still the MG4 Luxury, which comes standard with a 360º camera, heated driver’s seat and steering wheel, heat pump, double rear spoiler, complete MG Ismart multimedia system, wireless charger for the mobile phone, and MG Pilot with extended functions.

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