Ineos to launch Defender alternative electric SUV in 2026

The Grenadier’s little brother will also be a pure 4×4 but with an electric drive and zero local emissions. Ineos Automotive has announced that it is already developing a new SUV, the third model in its range, smaller than the current Grenadier and with a fully electric drive.

The new SUV from the British brand will be smaller than the Ineos Grenadier but will maintain “first class” off-road performance. So much so that one of the objectives is for this new electric SUV to be able to conquer the Schöckl peak, north of the Austrian city of Graz.

Perhaps that peak is familiar to more than one motorsport and/or 4×4 fan. It turns out that Mercedes has also conquered it with the G-Class, its SUV par excellence. It’s no coincidence: the mountain is about 15 kilometers from the headquarters of Magna, the maker of the Mercedes G-Class, and also the maker of the other two Ineos SUVs.

Magna is one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers and one of the most reputable licensed manufacturers. At its Graz assembly plant, it produces several internal combustion, hybrid, and electric models for different car brands, including the Ineos Grenadier, the first model of the British brand. The Grenadier has served as a springboard for Ineos to continue to trust Magna not only for the manufacture of the new vehicle but also for its development. 

This new model will be smaller than the Grenadier, although at the moment the brand has not given more details about it. We could be talking about a three-door Grenadier, an analogy (another one) with the first Defender, from which it takes its inspiration. The objective of Jim Ratcliffe, founder of the brand, was from the outset to recover the pure essence of the 4×4 that has been diluted in modern times.

Ineos Grenadier

It should be remembered that the Grenadier measures 4.90 meters long by 1.93 meters wide and 2.04 meters high. It’s quite a large vehicle, larger than a Mercedes G-Class and nearly six inches longer than a modern Land Rover Defender. A three-door version could stay around 4.5 meters in length.

Given the 4×4 features that Ineos is talking about for this new model, whose name is not yet known, it is conceivable that it will also be built with the typical structure of a pure off-road: chassis with spars and cross members and rigid axle suspension. Of course, the brand says that its off-road capabilities will not compromise comfort or performance on the road.

Production of the new Ineos electric SUV will begin in 2026. The brand has not announced details about its electric drive related to range, power, or fast recharging capacity. Neither will the technology that it will use, although it can be assumed that it will opt for batteries. The brand had planned to launch a hydrogen electric SUV but ended up ruling out that option due to the scarce existing refueling infrastructure today.

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