Is this the end of the Nissan LEAF ?

Nissan executives have reportedly hinted that the LEAF will not be renewed, it will instead be replaced by a new model.

Nissan made a big bet when it introduced the LEAF in 2010. It became the first mass-market all-electric vehicle, long before Tesla showed up. Two generations later, the model is struggling to keep up with the competition, and a Nissan source reportedly confirmed to Automotive News that the Nissan LEAF will be discontinued and replaced with a new model.

There will therefore be no third generation of the Nissan LEAF, the one that can certainly be described as a pioneer in terms of electrification. The more than 500,000 copies sold worldwide proved beyond any doubt that it was possible to live daily with an electric vehicle, a major challenge at the time.

The first generation Nissan LEAF wasn’t perfect and didn’t offer an impressive range, just 117 kilometers. It will be necessary to wait a few years before seeing a little more, 135 kilometers, thanks to the contribution of a more powerful battery of 24-kilowatt hours. Appearing in 2018, the second generation was much more accomplished, both in terms of style and performance. It took advantage of two types of batteries, the most powerful 62-kilowatt hours allowed a range of 350 kilometers.

Since its redesign, the Nissan LEAF has become aging and struggles to bear comparison with the new models launched in recent years. According to Automotive News, Nissan would therefore not renew the model, but rather replace it with a new vehicle, more trendy and better suited to the needs of buyers of electric vehicles. We know that hatchbacks are not all the rage among our neighbors to the south. According to the media, the manufacturer is still toying with the idea of ​​keeping the LEAF designation.

2023 Nissan LEAF

However, Nissan intends to remain a major player in electrification, having invested heavily in electric technologies in recent years and which has announced plans to introduce 18 new battery-electric vehicles by 2030.

The first model in the running will be the Nissan Ariya, an electric SUV that will be introduced this fall. It will compete with the Tesla Model Y and the Volkswagen ID.4 which will also be released shortly.

Our Review

The Nissan LEAF took a bold step many years ago, and electric vehicle enthusiasts owe it a lot. We hope that Nissan will keep the name, the name LEAF means a lot to many.

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