Jaguar XJ 2021: New luxury British Electric Car

Jaguar is working hard on the development of its second series-production electric car. The new Jaguar XJ 2021 will soon burst onto the scene to become one of the most interesting 100% electric luxury and mechanical sedans on the market. His debut will take place at the end of this year and he will have to face very important rivals.

Over the past few months, there have been several sightings of the next Jaguar electric car. Yes, the feline brand is immersed in the development of its new fully electric vehicle and series production. An even more exclusive alternative to the current I-Pace, a model that is reaping more than respectable sales figures in the European market. We are talking about the new Jaguar XJ 2021.

The new generation of the XJ range will bring a significant change. And it is that the iconic British luxury saloon will go on to bet everything on electrification. It will only be available with electrical mechanics. The company’s goal is none other than to offer an alternative to future electric models such as the BMW i7 or the Mercedes EQS. In short, an answer to the almighty German saloons.

Julian Thomson, Director of Design at Jaguar, has made some very interesting statements to a specialized medium. Some statements that allow us to clarify some doubts regarding the new electric XJ and, above all, to glimpse in a more precise way what this new electric car will be like that, in a short time, we will see circulating on European roads.

Jaguar XJ 2021
Jaguar XJ 2021

Jaguar’s senior management already anticipates that luxury will be one of the keys to the new XJ: “ It will be a very, very luxurious, very, very quiet and comfortable saloon. But it won’t be too flashy in design and it won’t be too expensive. It is a car with which you make an emotional connection. We don’t want all of our people who get our cars to just sit behind and be taken away. We know that these cars are there to be experienced, driven and enjoyed; nice to sit on, relaxing to sit and beautiful to look at ‘.

While all the test vehicles of the new 2021 XJ that have been sighted featured a significant amount of camouflage, thanks to Tomson’s statements and the information available, we can get an idea of ​​what the design of the new generation will look like. Jaguar will not break ties with the current model. What’s more, it will be more of an evolution than a revolution. Of course, it will adopt the main features and characteristics of the new design language that the brand is applying to its new models.

What’s more, Julian Thomson himself said that “the new XJ has a hood and has a very, very elegant shape. It’s probably a little more traditional than the I-Pace. The new XJ will be produced in the UK. More specifically in the Jaguar Land Rover plant in Castle Bromwich.

Jaguar XJ 2021 Engine

Another key to the new XJ is that it will be supported by the new MLA platform, an architecture compatible with all kinds of electrified mechanics (including 100% electrical configurations). Therefore, this platform leaves the door open for in the future, if Jaguar sees it necessary, to offer other types of mechanics in the XJ range. Maybe a plug-in hybrid version? Time will tell.

In the bowels of the XJ 2021, there will be a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of around 90 kWh. This will allow it to homologate a range close to 500 kilometers based on the WLTP cycle. There will be different power levels and it will be possible to choose between a rear-wheel-drive (propulsion) and four-wheel-drive configuration.

When will it hit the market? 

The debut of the new Jaguar XJ is scheduled for later this year. For now, it is unknown where it will be presented. In any case, to see it in dealerships we will have to wait until 2021. When its launch date approaches, the rest of the details will be revealed, such as the composition of the range and, what is more relevant, all the prices.

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