Jeep Wagoneer 2022: Debut with New style

Jeep's full-size SUVs are larger than the Grand Cherokee L and attack Tahoe and Escalade.

We have known for a few years that the Jeep Wagoneer would return. In 2020, the signs then condensed with the Grand Wagoneer Concept, a study that was already extremely close to series production. As it now turns out, that was the case. The deviations from the 2022 Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer presented today are minimal. 

The new full-size SUV duo is intended to lift the off-road brand into a larger and more luxurious segment. Strangely enough, Jeep confused customers in the meantime with the unveiling of the Grand Cherokee L, a mid-size SUV with a long wheelbase and three rows of seats. To clear up the confusion: The Grand Cherokee L and its little brother the Grand Cherokee (coming with two rows of seats in 2022) sit with a self-supporting body on the mid-size SUV platform. The new Wagoneer and Grand Wagoneer have a ladder frame construction come with three rows of seats and also have more trailer load. 

Jeep Wagoneer 2022 Price

The Wagoneer starts in the US at $ 57,995 plus tax (about 48,500 euros) and competes against chickens like the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Ford Expedition, or the Toyota Sequoia. All of the above cost less, but do not come with leather upholstery as standard. 

The Grand Wagoneer takes on the really big chunks. With prices starting at $ 86,995 (approx. 72,700 euros), it is significantly more expensive but offers a more stylish, more elegant interior, a larger V8, and standard all-wheel drive. Its main competitors are the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, GMC Yukon Denali, and the Lexus LX. 

Jeep Wagoneer 2022

What should distinguish the Jeep Twins from the enemy are best-in-class values ​​in terms of space in row three and trunk, a trailer load of up to 4,500 kilos, and off-road capabilities that you can expect from a car with a seven-strut grill.

Jeep Wagoneer 2022

In the interior, there is one or the other homage to the original Wagoneer, such as the two-spoke steering wheel or the horizontal ventilation nozzles. Nevertheless, this is a very modern SUV. A digital instrument display is standard (10.3 inches for the Wagoneer, 12.3 inches for the Grand Wagoneer). The large central touchscreen hovers over a wing-shaped dashboard. Nappa leather is standard in all variants.


The wheelbase of both vehicles is 3.12 meters. Length, width, and height are 5.44 meters, 2.12 meters, and 1.92 meters, respectively. Even behind the third row, there is still a trunk volume of 775 liters. 

The Jeep Wagoneer comes with a 5.7-liter mild-hybrid V8 that generates 397 hp and 548 Nm. An 8-speed automatic and rear-wheel drive are standard, but as you know from the US manufacturer, there are optionally three different all-wheel drives. With the air suspension, which is also available at an extra charge, the ground clearance increases from 210 to 256 mm. 

Jeep Wagoneer 2022

The new UConnect 5 infotainment system with a 10.1-inch screen diagonal is always there. In the higher equipment levels, there is a second 10.3-inch screen for operating the air conditioning and other comfort features.

The most definite differentiating feature of the Grand Wagoneer is its larger and more powerful 6.4-liter V8, which generates 477 hp and 617 Nm. Here an 8-speed automatic transmits the power to all four wheels via Jeep’s Quadra-Trac II system. Air suspension is also standard here.

Jeep Wagoneer 2022

The GW factory has Captain Chairs in the first two rows. There is also a separate center console in row two. Larger families who need space for eight people can also book a full-length bench. Lots of wood, aluminum, and adjustable ambient light give the Grand Wagoneer the luxury that is customary in its class.

Jeep Wagoneer 2022 Interior

There is also a whole armada of screens at the front. In addition to the 12.3-inch instrument display and the 12.0-inch UConnect infotainment, the front passenger is also given their 10.3-inch screen on the right-hand side of the dashboard, on which navigation destinations, music, and vehicle settings can be set are. The screen can also mirror smartphones, which allows access to emails, games, or social media. There are also screens en masse for the backbenchers – two in the headlamps of the front seats, one in their center console.

Jeep Wagoneer 2022

The two Wagoneers will be among the first Stellantis products to have an active hands-free driving assist. Various McIntosh audio systems are designed to provide a suitable sound experience.

The new full-size SUVs can already be pre-ordered in the USA. Deliveries are to begin in the summer. In all probability, the two space giants will not come to Germany. It remains to be seen what the availability via importers will look like. 

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