Kia K8 2022: First Look & Photos

This year, Kia unveiled a new logo and announced a new strategy. The first tangible evidence of the planned rebirth is to be the just unveiled Kia K8 sedan. Korean carmaker Kia unveils the first images of the new Kia K8 sedan, which comes as a replacement for the K7 model, known in selected markets as Cadenza. It is the first tangible example of the new direction of the brand, which is evident not only in the new design but also in the new logo. It uses the new K8 brand identity as the first-ever serial model.

The design is fundamentally different from the current K7 model – a large sedan with a length of almost five meters and front-wheel drive. The newly designed mask becomes a characteristic element. Although it retains the distinctive element of the so-called tiger nose, it is now so-called frameless when it gradually turns into body panels. A novelty is also a grid with a diamond motif, while the stern is decorated with LED tail lights running across its entire width.

Kia K8 2022

The sleek design is then subtly sporty, which is emphasized by the silhouette reminiscent of fastbacks rather than classic sedans. According to chief designer Karim Habib, the selected elements were then inspired by the world of yachts.

According to Kia, the new label emphasizes that the car is moving higher and is taking a step towards a premium. This should be noticeable not only thanks to the intergenerationally extended body (to 5,015 mm, the predecessor stopped at 4,970 mm), but also to the luxurious interior. The brand has not yet published its appearance, but it promises the most modern technology.

For this reason, it is not clear at this time whether the K8 will also become a replacement for the luxurious 5.1-meter-long K9 sedan (also known as the K900 or Quoris), or for the Stinger fastback. After all, it would be strange if Kia had such a wide range in this not very large segment. Especially considering that there is still a purely premium Genesis brand within the Hyundai-Kia Group.

Kia K8 2022

The Kia K8 will go on sale later this year, so more information will be published as the market approaches. We will finally find out the range of engines, which in the case of its predecessor also included a petrol V6.

In any case, the brand has not announced at this time whether the K8 model will also be sold in Europe. However, since its predecessor K7 / Cadenza was not sold here, we do not expect her to come to the old continent either. Although we would like it as a potential replacement for Optima.

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