KIA Sportage 2021: First Look & First Photos

The KIA Sportage is already a well-established product that has earned its place among names with a long history and success. Now with its current generation with several years in the market, the time has come to give a little freshness to its lineup with certain changes such as the 2.4-liter engine that comes to this EX Pack variant that is placed under the SXL model, the most top of its range.

Right size for city and family

The KIA Sportage is placed in the spectrum of the smallest compact SUVs in its category, alongside its cousin the Hyundai Tucson, the SEAT Ateca, and the Volkswagen Taos. It measures 4.4 meters long and in those dimensions, it can accommodate everything necessary for a family of three or four without any problem.

Visually it maintains the changes of its latest aesthetic update with a slight retouch in the lower area of ​​the fascia, wheel design, bumper, and signature of the LED skulls. It should be clarified that this EX Pack variant has the GT Line visual package, so it will have some extra color contrasts and sports details also inside.

On this model, only the skulls and daytime running lights are LED, the main headlights are halogen projection.

KIA Sportage 2021 interior

Inside the KIA Sportage EX Pack 2021, it has a design that we already know, although with a slightly updated 8 “ screen that for this version and the most complete already has navigation, better definition, and response speed. then the rest of the range has compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The comfort is assured with electric seat adjustment for driver and passenger, leatherette seats, many storage spaces for both doors, and a center console and trunk.

KIA Sportage 2021
KIA Sportage 2021

The second row can recline considerably either for a very straight posture or a very reclined one that will help a lot to rest people in that area, there are also air conditioning vents. Its trunk has a capacity of slightly more than 500 liters without folding seats.

As for equipment, it does not have noticeable deficiencies, rather it carries a lot of the essentials for our days. We can start with the fact that it has 6 airbags, ABS, ESC brakes, blind-spot alert, and reverse camera with cross-traffic alert, as well as hill climb assistant and tire pressure monitoring.

In comfort, we have details such as dual-zone automatic air conditioning, wireless smartphone charger, drive mode selector, and electric parking brake.

KIA Sportage New engine lineup

One of the new arrivals to this version is the 2.4-liter aspirated four-cylinder engine with 181 hp and 175 lb.-ft. of torque, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive only. For some time the GT Line model was at the top of the range and was also available with AWD drive. Now neither offers such traction anymore and the SXL variant ranks highest in the range.

This engine has what it takes to propel you without much effort, it’s calibrated for a smooth power delivery that helps a smooth and relaxed ride, but without prohibiting you from some quick reactions when needed.

The box for its part also favors smooth handling and will try to make changes at low revs for a ride without abrupt jumps and better consumption. Although precisely speaking of consumption, it can be one of the points to work on.

During the days we had it tested, our highest consumption was 7.8 km / l, and the lowest in the city was only 10.3 km / l. It is not exactly the most efficient, especially against rivals with turbo engines, where if you are careful, you are likely to break the 11 km / l barrier.

The ride, in general, is quite comfortable and quiet, it is pleasant to see a very good level of sound isolation because not even the engine drains its noise so much and it is not annoying to be in a traffic jam full of sounds of horns, engines, and screams of desperate drivers.

It behaves as you would expect from an SUV focused on comfort, with smooth steering, a suspension that limits vibrations and sensations of dry hits.

A sensible offer

The KIA Sportage EX Pack 2021 is presented as a sensible offer, as it covers the most important and essential boxes of safety, comfort, space, and equipment.

It is a product for those who are looking for something calm and that will help to overcome both the good and the bad of everyday life. It is not about sports reactions and does not even seek to attract a client who has that in mind. It is a rational, safe purchase and it shows us more and more that it is durable. Of course, just keep in mind the fuel consumption that can improve, but if you do not tend to travel long distances in the city constantly facing hours and hours of traffic, then do not hesitate, the KIA Sportage has everything you need for the family.

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