Lamborghini could be an all-electric car company by 2030

Lamborghini is working on an electric sports car, we know, it is not precisely a novelty or a secret, but the brand itself has confirmed it on several occasions. However, it is also not news that Lamborghini hopes to stretch the combustion engine as much as possible, even beyond 2035, when it is expected, in theory, that combustion engines will be banned in Europe. Several brands have not yet given dates for their total electrification, since their customers and their spirit, so to speak, are still attached to engines that consume fossil fuel.

We could say that many fans are attached to the combustion engine, although it would not be a good fan to turn their backs on new technologies, right? Everyone will have their ideas and tastes, obviously, but the electric motor does not seem to be among the most desired among car fans. The last hope is in synthetic fuels, which could be accepted by the European Union from 2035 and would mean that the combustion engine would be saved. Some are working on developing combustion engines that consume hydrogen instead of other fuels, but for the moment, the best hope is synthetic fuels.

Lamborghini itself is one of the companies that await the approval of synthetic fuels by the European Commission, and thus be able to continue offering sports cars with V12 blocks as before. They are waiting for the next vote, to find out if synthetic fuels are finally accepted by the European Community, before revealing the final date of their total electrification.

Meanwhile, the Volkswagen Group continues its path towards, as they say from the brand itself, becoming the reference among electric car manufacturers. To date, more than 100,000 million euros have been invested in the development of electric cars and the manufacturing processes, but not all the group’s brands will be 100% electrified until it is impossible to avoid it. Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini, has said that they will be patient, as they see synthetic fuels as the last hope.

Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimae

We don’t need to say it now. We still have the opportunity to enter the market for synthetic fuels in these types of cars. However, if this ultimately does not happen, Lamborghini will be an all-electric company from the 2030s at the latest .” – Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini.

Even so, the electrification of Lamborghini, albeit partial, is a fact. Models with a hybrid powertrain have already been put into circulation and the replacement for the Lamborghini Aventador will also be a hybrid. What’s more, there are rumors that the version of the Lamborghini Urus with a hybrid powertrain will be presented in a few weeks, surely around the summer. The next generation of the Lamborghini Huracán should also be in the offing, which will have a hybrid powertrain, while the electric one is scheduled for 2025.

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