Lamborghini Urus could receive more a powerful

The Lamborghini Urus is the best-selling model of the Italian brand, a best-seller without equal in the history of the firm, which raises as many passions as rejections. No one predicted such a great success, although no one denied that it would sell like hot cakes.

It is a case similar to that of the Porsche Cayenne, although, in the case of the German model, it was a pure necessity to survive and not to expand sales as has happened with the Italians. And it is not a criticizable objective, far from it, they have done it, and we would all do it.

And now, with the Urus filling the coffers and while the development of the next “great V12” to replace the Aventador is completed, rumors are coming about the future of the “SuperSUV”, which has been on the market since 2018 and of which, sooner rather than later, we expect a version with a hybrid engine, as we have commented on occasion.

That hybrid variant will be ready when a major update is put into circulation that the model will receive and that should be presented throughout the remainder of 2022, to be put into circulation in 2023.

Along with this hybrid version, the reports point to other more interesting performance ideas, since there is talk of a new sportier version for which the name “Sport” or even “Superleggera” or “Performance” is being considered.

Lamborghini Urus

There is more data in favor of the name “Superleggera”, as it seems that this version will have many carbon fiber parts, including the roof, achieving a weight reduction that should be around, at least, 100 kilos. It will also mount more specific elements, such as lightweight wheels, a spoiler on the tailgate to improve stability, and a new, more open, and sporty exhaust line.

From the first moment of its presentation, the Lamborghini Urus was called “SuperSUV” by the brand itself, as it was the fastest and most powerful SUV to date. At that time the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk with its 707 hp was already present, but since it is a Jeep and it is not as insanely fast as the Urus, it is not taken into account.

It wasn’t even considered when the Aston Martin DBX 707 was launched (neither the Jeep nor the Dodge Durango with the same engine). The new variant, of which we do not know the arrival date, will have a new revision of the V8 Biturbo and, it seems, will reach the DBX707 and the Gran Cherokee Trackhawk in terms of engine figures, since there is talk of a power that should be around 700 hp at least. Currently, the Urus boasts 650 hp.

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