Lotus Eletre Was Already Seen Before Its Presentation

There are only hours left for the presentation of the Lotus SUV and we already have a lot of details thanks to a leak, such as that it will be called Eletre, that it is pronounced El-etra, and that it is just like a Lamborghini Urus.

We know this because some photos of poor quality appeared in an internet forum and confirm other previous leaks of dubious origin. We are talking about those 3D models that came out days ago and that showed us this electric SUV from all sides. Now we know for sure that it will have that appearance that we had seen before.

An Anglo-Chinese car with Italian-German inspiration

If you were thinking that the Lotus Eletre seen in this leak is very similar to the Lamborghini Urus, let me tell you, we think the same. The aggressive look of the daytime running lights, the huge unnecessary grille, and even the combination of yellow and black remind us a lot of the Urus seen from the front.

Behind the similarity continues, although the design is cleaner and more neutral, with a single brake light that runs from side to side. What a coincidence that the air vents on the sides are so reminiscent of those used by the SUV of the bull brand. On the Lotus, these outlets are rounded and larger, although it is not known if they are functional.

Lotus Eletre

Let’s continue to be “surprised” by the similarities, seeing these trucks from the side. Both the Lamborghini Urus and the Lotus Eletre saw in this leak have an all-too-similar roof drop. Also, the rising waistline towards the rear of both cars is nearly identical.

Although the measurements have not been leaked or announced, we can calculate that the Eletre is longer. It could almost be compared to a Porsche Cayenne. Something needs to be clarified, as far as is known, this van will not be built at the Lotus plant in Hethel . Instead, it will leave the plant of Chinese company Geely, Lotus’s parent company, in Wuhan.

Lotus Eletre

A dash of racing car

Knowing this, we can’t help but find a slight resemblance to the Link & Co 03, the racing car of a Swedish brand that is also owned by Geely. The resemblance is upfront, with integrated headlights hidden within the grille. The daytime running lights are more visible and up top, the same style we’ve just seen with the upcoming BMW i7 .

The association between Lotus and Geely also explains the rumors about its performance. It is expected to have a 120 kWh capacity battery and the power of the motors could be around 700 HP. By tradition, Lotus must be developing a smaller crossover to complement its range of station wagons, in true Porsche and Maserati fashion. All this and more we will know after the presentation of the Eletre. 

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