Maserati Project24 radical track offers 740 HP

With the MC20 Maserati has fully returned to that super-elite niche of pure sports cars, the heart-pounding ones for enthusiasts. She had left us with the legendary MC12 but has now returned through the main door thanks to the new two-seater, which is also listed in the spider version called Cielo. Attention, but the house of the Trident has decided to surprise us and has announced the arrival of an even more specialized and track-oriented variant based on the MC20. A model that will not be homologated for the road, but will delight its owners only on the curbs of circuits around the world. For now, it’s called Project24, which is a project indicated with a code name and will be built in only 62 units. The special hypercar is the closest model to the Maserati MC12 racing car ever made by the Italian manufacturer so far.

For now, we have to be content with three official images to take a first look at the Modenese jewel, but we have a rich technical data sheet in our hands that allows us to deepen our knowledge of this car. So, let’s see it together. We know that the body panels are made of carbon fiber combined with elements from natural fibers. The relationship with the MC20 is evident only from the shape of the body, but with many components created to measure. For example, the glazing is exclusive to Project24 as it is made of Lexan to save weight.

Free from homologation restrictions for the road, the designers of the Centro Stile Maserati have indulged in creating bold shapes, with subtle LEDs on the bumpers, a Formula One-style splitter, large air vents on the hood, super extended side skirts, racing mirrors and a massive rear wing connected to a center fin. The rear also has LED lights inspired by the trident emblem, dual top-mounted tailpipes, and a racing diffuser. According to Maserati, the result “is an unprecedented mix of beauty and sporty spirit, to become a collector’s classic”.

Furthermore, Maserati claims that the front and rear aerodynamic elements are “multi-adjustable”, producing high levels of downforce, without going into detail. Finally, the 18-inch single-nut forged aluminum rims with special aerodynamic covers have been specifically designed to fit the Project24 and fit slick tires.

Maserati Project24

More Horse Less Weight, Perfect on Track

The Project24 shares the standard MC20’s carbon fiber monocoque frame, but benefits from several upgrades to enhance its performance on the track. The 3.0-liter dry sump Neptune V6 twin-turbo engine now delivers 740hp, something like 110hp more than the street legal version. The increased power in combination with the weight, which is less than 1,250 kg, results in a weight/power ratio of just 1.69 kg/hp.

Maserati Project24

All horsepower is transmitted to the rear axle via a six-speed sequential gearbox, with a reinforced clutch and mechanical differential with a limited-slip that completes the motorsport configuration of the Modenese supercar. The double wishbone suspension is track-optimized with adjustable shock absorbers and anti-roll bars. The Project24 also features Brembo CCMR ventilated brakes with racing calipers and a bespoke brake cooling system.

Special Accessories as Standard or Optional

There is not even an image of the cockpit, but we expect it to have been adapted to the special specifications of the car, much more spartan and in perfect motorsport style. And just like in a racing car, the Project24 has an FIA-approved roll cage, fire extinguisher, and a special 120-liter fuel tank. It will also be equipped with a multifunctional carbon fiber steering wheel with an integrated display, a racing seat for the driver with a six-point belt, shift paddles, adjustable pedals, and steering column, air conditioning ., a data acquisition system, and switches for adjusting the ABS and traction control.

Maserati Project24

But the list also includes some options. Don’t expect satnav or Apple CarPlay, but an extra passenger seat, a display for “ driving performance optimization ”, a rearview camera display, a car camera, telemetry recording, and monitoring. tire pressure. Maserati has not disclosed the price of Project24, but we assume that all units will be sold out in no time. Naturally, Maserati thought of a series of privileges for supercar owners such as access to a range of track-specific driving experiences and supports.

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