Mazda MX-30 Reviews, Photos and Details

The Mazda MX-30 is Mazda’s first 100% electric model and was presented at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Very close to its final production version, the MX-30 offers the best of both worlds: an SUV body with a Fully electric drive.

Mazda’s electric SUV is based on the Japanese firm’s Kodo design philosophy, that is, a “solid and pure appearance that reflects the beauty of eliminating any superfluous element.” Upfront, Mazda decided to do without the wing-shaped grille that it uses on all models, such as the Mazda CX-5. In its place, we now find a small grill where the sharp headlights are integrated and in the center the large logo of the company. The bumper, with clean surfaces and a robust appearance, gives a base to a lower section of protection, as in all SUVs, where the fog lights are integrated.

Continuing to the side, we find an elongated and quite flat hood from which a fairly inclined moon rises with A and D pillars in a metallic gray tone and a black roof. The line of the windows, very flat in its lower section, slopes cheekily in the upper section alluding to the coupé style of its bodywork, with a sloped roof that ends in a spoiler and a very steep rear window. Lastly, squared-off wheel arches and underbody protections also make an appearance. 

At the rear, we find an optical group inspired by that of the new Mazda3, a vertical trunk lid, and a robust bumper with the same type of protection as the rest of the underbody. The absence of exhaust outlets stands out due to the electrical nature of the MX-30. The dimensions of the Mazda MX-30 are 4,395 mm in length, 1,795 mm in width, and 1,570 mm in height, as well as a wheelbase of 2,655 mm.

The exterior of the MX-30 is available in Soul Red Crystal, Polymetal Gray, and Ceramic Metallic colors. The set is finished off by lead-gray alloy wheels that perfectly fit the design of Mazda’s electric SUV. Finally, the metallic detail with the inscription ‘Mazda’ in the D-pillar and the rear doors of inverted opening (freestyle doors, as defined by the brand), are two other striking features.

Mazda MX-30 interior

Mazda MX-30 Interior

In the interior of the MX-30, we find a minimalist design inspired by the same Kodo philosophy. Highlights include the three-spoke steering wheel, the floating center console or the double screen, one for the multimedia system on top of the dashboard, and another seven-inch touchscreen on the center console for the climate controls. 

The seats, which offer space for up to five passengers, are finished in leather and cloth, while Mazda has used materials that are respectful of the environment, such as cork present in several areas of the interior or a fiber made from PET bottles. recycled and that we find in the upper part of the door trim.

Mazda’s first 100% electric model

Electric cars are increasingly an imperative need for manufacturers, either to comply with the demanding anti-pollution regulations of the European Union or to respond to a growing demand for electrified vehicles. In this way, Mazda, which is betting on internal combustion engines, has launched what is its first 100% electric model.

Mazda MX-30

To do this, the Japanese company’s engineers have developed a fully electric propulsion system called e-Skyactiv. This new technology works with a system that uses a lithium-ion battery and an electric motor. In turn, this system is made up of several high voltage components: the motor, the battery, the inverter, and the DC/DC transformer. The latter reduces the battery voltage to supply the car’s 12V auxiliary equipment. 

The motor, inverter, DC/DC transformer, and connection box are integrated into a high voltage unit mounted on the front of the vehicle, while the size of the high voltage battery, which is located under the floor between both axes, has been sized to minimize CO2 emissions throughout its life cycle. In turn, the battery is liquid-cooled to maintain the temperature at the optimum point.

The range of Mazda’s electric SUV

Although at the moment, Mazda has not gone into details about the electric motor of the MX-30, it is believed that it will have a power of about 106 kW, or what is the same, about 142 horsepower. The motor is powered by a 35.5 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery, which allows it to travel, according to the company, more than 200 kilometers without needing to recharge.

Mazda MX-30

As for battery charging, the MX-30 can be recharged using AC power or a DC fast charger. The model is compatible with DC chargers of the CHAdeMO or COMBO standards. The adoption of the most widespread standard in each specific region allows the MX-30 to be recharged at any charging station, with alternating current recharging of up to 6.6 kW. Recharge times are not specified.

Mazda MX-30 Technology and security

Among the technology that equips the MX-30, we find an evolved version of G-Vectoring Control, called e-GVC Plus. This technology applies precision control to engine torque in response to steering wheel input and harnesses the torque characteristics of the electric motor to optimize front-to-rear load shifting in a wider range of driving situations.

Another highlight is the e-Skyactiv’s motor pedal, which uses an electric motor torque control system to control the vehicle’s speed and poise based on acceleration or deceleration applied by the driver. It also equips an evolution of i-Activesense, the battery of safety and driving assistance systems, where innovations such as Turn-Across Traffic, Road Keep Assist, Emergency Lane Keeping, road maintenance assistant, and the blind spot assistant, among others.

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