Mazzanti Eventra Pura: Design supercar from Florence

The Florence Biennale is an event in which the best designers in the world are in charge of offering very attractive designs for various markets. And among them, the automotive one is not left out. Many times it is about interior designs, upholstery, and other parts of the interior of the car, but this time we have a whole supercar to discover. It is the Mazzanti Eventra Pura, a supercar that will have a lot to say in this demanding market.

We already knew about this model, but the Italian company will allow buyers to customize this new version. They have thought of all buyers, so they have made available a large number of customizable elements to your liking. But what the model of the Tuscan company wants to make clear is the purity it offers in driving. An impeccable design and highly thought-out features to enjoy at the wheel of this supercar.

Less weight, more presence

The Evantra Pura weighs slightly less than its predecessor, with a total weight of 1,290 kg compared to 1,390 kg in the previous version. This has been achieved by replacing some of its components with others made of high-strength steel and chrome-mobdylene steel. It is a car with great performance and considerable safety equipment.

It is 4.32 meters long, 1.95 meters wide, and only 1.2 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.55 meters. On the front axle, it uses 19-inch wheels, while on the rear it uses 20-inch wheels. The front brakes are made up of Bembro 360mm carbo-ceramic discs and six-piston calipers, while the rear uses 340mm four-piston discs.

Personalization ranges from the small central screen to the shift paddles, which can be made of carbon fiber. And there are many more options that the buyer can access, so each of the units sold will be different from the rest.


To move this supercar, a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 block of American origin has been thought that offer 761 hp of power and a maximum torque of 910 Nm. This falls short of the Millecavalli version, which, as the name suggests, reaches 1,000 hp. That does not take away an iota of presence and impact.

Only five units of this model will be manufactured each year, for which the price is not known. This will only be known by those who are interested in it and will have to assess each of the customizations that each buyer is looking for. Of course, the price should be around 900,000 euros for each unit, so we can get an idea.

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