McLaren 765LT Spider: It will be on the roads in 2022

Racing spirit and retractable hardtop for the most desirable Longtail of the moment. McLaren's ultimate pleasure formula?

McLaren always goes one step further with each new launch and a clear example of this is its latest Longtail model, the McLaren 765LT Spider. Conceived as an open-pit version of the well-known McLaren 765LT, the car receives an intensive carbon fiber aerodynamic package, a retractable hardtop, and a powerful V8 engine.

The aerodynamic kit for the McLaren 765LT Spider includes the extended front splitter, modified bumpers, and revised skirts of its coupe counterpart. It also has unique door slats, a large diffuser, and an active Longtail rear spoiler that contributes to powertrain cooling by drawing hot air from the engine compartment.

As you would expect, the spoiler also features a brake function and a variety of settings that optimize downforce or reduce drag.  Ultralight forged alloy wheels with titanium bolts finish off the aesthetic and aerodynamic package. They are shod with custom-made Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires.

The 10-spoke wheels are backed by a  carbo-ceramic brake system with calipers from the McLaren Senna, although you can optionally opt for the radical model’s full braking equipment, which has 60% more resistant discs than conventional carbon-ceramic discs and four times better thermal conductivity to reduce wear and discoloration.

McLaren 765LT Spider

The electrically operated carbon fiber one-piece retractable hardtop lowers or raises in just 11 seconds, at speeds of up to 50 km / h, to enhance the driving experience. The power rear window allows you to fully enjoy the LT soundtrack of the four-tail titanium exhaust system, even with the roof in place.

This is complemented by multiple air intakes and is 40% lighter than a comparable steel configuration. In addition to saving weight, the system offers an unrivaled soundtrack. Inside, the competition scheme and weight-saving strategy continue. The elements inside which have been deleted can be added optionally.

Minimalist interior for the McLaren 765LT Spider

McLaren 765LT Spider Interior

The cabin is dominated by carbon fiber and Alcantara, the main protagonists being the racing seats with carbon fiber shells that are 18 kg lighter than the sports seats used in the 720S. To reduce the figure on the scale, the air conditioning and audio systems have been eliminated, while there are nets instead of storage compartments in the doors.

Yes, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system has been maintained, as well as the multiple customization options. One of the more interesting extras is the double-glazed panel that allows a glimpse of the car’s V8 engine, which is integrated into the carbon fiber frame of the model and features a distinctive 765LT as well as a carbon-fiber trim.

The front windshield is also slimmer, while the rear uses lightweight polycarbonate. Overall, the 765LT Spider weighs 1,388 kg, which is 49 kg more than the 765LT.

McLaren 765LT Spider

Same V8 mechanics under the hood

The icing on the cake is the powerful 4.0-liter Biturbo V8 block that has been fitted with forged aluminum pistons, an additional fuel pump, an overhauled oil pump, and a recalibrated engine management system to achieve an output of 765 hp ( 563 kW) and 800 Nm of torque, that is, 45 hp (33 kW) and 31 Nm more than the 720S.

The package is paired with a   seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with optimized gearing  that allows ” 15% faster acceleration than the 720S and a faster lap time than any McLaren Super Series model.

This system works when the driver wants to downshift, but the change would speed up the engine too much. In this case,  the gearbox remembers the driver’s request and executes it when ” engine speed and road speed can be harmonized “.

McLaren 765LT Spider

Technically they are novelty suspension retuned with new springs and dampers, the wider front track, the system  Proactive Chassis Control II  with a software update that promises greater precision and control, and a steering system that has been perfected with a relationship faster and a stiffer torsion bar for even purer feedback.

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