McLaren Artura 2022: Hybrid With 680 hp

The world of supercars has a new contender for weight. The McLaren Artura, a hybrid with 680 hp, has technical characteristics that make it unique in the market. The new British two-seater has a new carbon structure and also features a 3.0 V6 Biturbo engine with 585 hp combined with a 95 hp electric motor. Its price will be around 272,000 dolars.

We have traveled to Milan to admire the new McLaren Artura, a hybrid with 680 hp that will give a lot to talk about. In life, it looks magnificent, with very beautiful proportions and very clean body surfaces. The large side air intakes are striking, as well as a front design with a very clear DNA of the brand, and also reminiscent of recent models such as the Elva and the Speedtail.

McLaren Artura 2022

McLaren already has extensive experience in the field of hybrids, such as the P1 and the more recent Speedtail, but these are very exclusive limited-production models. Now, with the new two-seater, they have a series-production hybrid in the range.

McLaren Artura, hybrid with 680 hp, boasts many technical innovations. The first concerns the completely new carbon fiber structure.

From the first model of the brand, the 12C in 2010, they used a central carbon “bathtub” manufactured by Carbotech in Austria, with different evolutions. But now they have changed, and the Artura has a new carbon fiber structure that they have called McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA).

McLaren Artura 2022

This great piece of carbon weighs just 82 kg . and now it is manufactured by McLaren itself in a new factory in Sheffield. The goal has been to increase stiffness and further reduce weight, thus compensating for the increased mass involved in hybridization. The shape of the rear allows to accommodate the battery and, as in the previous models, has attached front and rear aluminum subframes.

McLaren Artura 2022 New V6 engine

Until now all McLaren Automotive cars had V8 Biturbo mechanics, so even more important is the new engine made entirely of aluminum. It is a 3.0 V6 with direct injection and the benches at 120º, and with the turbos housed between them. It yields 585 hp at 7,500 rpm, although it goes up to 8,500, and the maximum torque is 585 Nm. The low weight of the V6 is striking, 160 kg., Which is 50 less than the brand’s V8. And in the video, we saw it sounds really good.

McLaren Artura 2022

The performance of the heat engine must be added to that of the electric motor, which weighs only 15.4 kilos and offers 95 hp and 225 Nm. This engine is coupled with the new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. As in other sports hybrids, the electric will offer thrust when the engine turns at low revs, to improve acceleration. This will be very powerful since it only takes 3 seconds. in accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h and 8.3 sec. from 0 to 200.

For all this, it could be that the Artura is the first new McLaren, by structure and engine, since McLaren Automotive introduced the 12C in 2010.

Key lightness

McLarens have almost always been lighter than their rivals, and CEO Mike Flewitt has said on numerous occasions that his brand values ​​would not fit with a heavyweight hybrid supercar. The dry weight of the Artura is only 1,395 kg, and the DIN weight is 1,498 kg.

McLaren Artura 2022

That’s a pretty good figure, considering the added weight of hybridization. This (guaranteed for ten years) is placed across the front of the engine. The total weight of the hybrid system components is 130 kg, including 88 kg. from the battery and 15.4 from the electric motor. Depending on the brand, the battery can be charged in two and a half hours in a conventional socket.

McLaren Artura 2022 interior

McLaren Artura 2022 Interior

The doors open forward and the interior maintains the purist, austere , and driving-focused philosophy (steering wheel without buttons, for example), but there are notable improvements. The McLarens have been criticized for the use of the controls that regulate the Handling (H) and Powertrain (P), which all carried in the lower area of ​​the center console.

Now the control knobs are on the sides of the instrumentation, at the height of the steering wheel. The buttons to adjust the seats were also somewhat imprecise and cumbersome, and that has changed too. The car they showed us had the new Clubsport seats that are standard, which combine the aesthetics of a bucket with the comfort and ease of adjustment of a conventional seat.

McLaren Artura 2022

The height adjustment is electric, and the longitudinal one using the classic metallic handle in the lower part. It is also of course up to date in terms of connectivity and state-of-the-art security systems.

Promising at the wheel

Regarding the behavior, we have not yet been able to test it but it will undoubtedly be a gem. It has a new multi-link rear suspension and the front double-wishbone scheme is very similar to the fantastic 600LT. It incorporates adaptive dampers and uses stabilizer bars, such as the 570S 0 600 LT.

McLaren Artura 2022

Remember that the 570S uses a hydraulic suspension where each wheel is interconnected with the others and dispenses with stabilizer bars. The tires are 19 “front and 20” rear. It is also the first McLaren to use an electronically controlled limited-slip differential because until now British cars used to act on the brakes to do the limited-slip effect and reduce understeer. They liked to talk about the brake steer system, and that it was a system developed for their F1 cars in the 90s.

McLaren Artura 2022

The steering, a strong point of the McLaren, is hydraulic as in the 570S or 600 LT, and we assume that its touch will continue to be exemplary. It also has the Variable Drift Control (VDC) system that allows the rider to regulate the level of electronic assistance, to be able to drift freely but safely. The stability control is also adjustable in three positions.

4 driving modes

There are four to choose from for the Powertrain, the first being the purely electric e-mode. Thus, it has a maximum range of 30 km and allows it to roll at a maximum of 130 km / h. In Comfort mode, autonomy and comfort are maximized, turning off the heat engine below 40 km / h. In Sport and Track, electric power is used to improve performance and support the V6 Biturbo

McLaren Artura 2022

In the McLaren range above the Artura, the powerful 720S will follow, which yields 720 hp with its atomic 4.0 Biturbo. The new McLaren hybrid will be available from July and will cost about 272,000 USD in the U.S.

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