Mclaren Could Build an Electric SUV by 2030

For now there is nothing official, but there are things that point towards that possibility

We may be tired of seeing both SUVs everywhere, even signed by brands like Lamborghini. It has reached a point that seems sick, with all users, or almost, pending these cars and with manufacturers, and every day more, putting all kinds of SUVs into circulation. It is like a pandemic, which spreads without control, although deep down, and more so with the panorama that awaits us, SUVs make more sense than ever.

That scenario we are talking about has the electric car in the center, as the central pivot. We already know that it will be the future by obligation, it will be the only thing that can be bought brand new from 2035 if nothing changes and the SUV will be the basis of the entire offer. We have already commented on it on occasion, the combination of SUV and electricity is a winning combination since it mixes the technology of the future with the fashionable car. But not only that, the SUV offers vital space to place the batteries in technically better places than in a conventional car and for this reason, brands such as Lotus have opted for an electric SUV.

Audi also chose an SUV as its first electric car, just like Mercedes and just as other brands will do. And among those brands, there is one that draws powerful attention; McLaren. The British have been denying their interest in “ Sport Utility Vehicles ” for years, and yet, at the end of last year, they presented their Odyssey 21 for the Extreme E championship. Indeed, if you missed it, McLaren will participate in the electric off-road vehicle championship And it looks like that “all-electric vehicle” idea will also make it to production.

McLaren has been caught and will finally put an SUV into circulation, but it will be an electric SUV. The change in position comes after the departure of Mike Flewitt as head of the company, replaced by Michael Leiters, a former Porsche who knows firsthand how well SUVs work and the amount of income that can be obtained, not in vain. , was one of those responsible for the development of the Cayenne and Macan. He then went through Ferrari briefly in 2014, something that suggests his influence on Maranello to carry out the production of the Purosangue

McLaren Electric SUV

And income is the fundamental part for McLaren since it has been walking a tightrope for quite some time (like all sports car manufacturers sooner or later) and both Lamborghini with the Urus and Porsche with the Cayenne have shown that today, a todo casino in the catalog is a source of income, something that McLaren needs right now.

Participation in Extreme E could be symbolic, but in reality, it could be a source of valuable information for McLaren, especially in energy management and deployment. Its off-road behavior will not be as important, because McLaren, it seems, is more focused on maintaining all the characteristics that its cars have sported so far. That is, a compact size, with the hallmarks of all McLaren. crossover concept more than SUV and very high performance.

At the moment, there is no confirmation from McLaren about its interest in an electric SUV, but we already know that when the river sounds, it is because it carries water. However, there is still time for official confirmation, as according to reports, the McLaren SUV would not be ready until 2030.

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