Mercedes-Benz also falls sharply in the first half

A few hours ago we have known the sales data of Mercedes-Benz. The star brand also suffers from the trend that is chasing practically all traditional manufacturers who are experiencing a sharp drop in sales in the first half, but where sales of electric cars are positioned as a lifesaver or a sample of the direction the industry is taking.

In the first six months of the year, Mercedes delivered a total of 985,200 units, which represents a drop of 15%. An especially important decrease in China, where it has accumulated a contraction in sales of 19%, being Europe and the United States by 12%.

In Europe, sales reached 305,300 units (-12%). Almost one in three vehicles sold in Europe in the first half of 2022 was an electric car or a plug-in hybrid (30%) a particularly important trend in a market such as France, where they have already occupied 39% of deliveries, or in the Netherlands, with 43%.

This allows Mercedes to slightly cushion the fall thanks to the 45,200 pure electric cars (BEV) delivered in the first half, which is one of the few positive news in a difficult period.

A figure that allows the German manufacturer to record growth in this sector of 134% compared to 2021, and which translates into the fact that in the first six months pure electric cars (BEV) have been 4.6% of total sales in Mercedes a world level. And that’s not counting smart, which is accounted for separately.

New Mercedes GLC interior

A trend that, like what was seen in BMW a few hours ago, will allow Mercedes to reinforce the expansion of its electric range, which in the second half will have an important contribution to sales of the EQE. A sedan with greater volume than the EQS that comes to complement an offer where we find the EQA, EQB, EQC, EQV, and now also the EQE.

A family that so far this year has allowed Mercedes to position itself within the Top 10 sales among all its electric models, with 26,592 units and a 5% market share. Something that, for example, places it above brands such as Renault, FIAT, and Peugeot, but also just below its main premium rivals, Audi and BMW, which accumulate a 6% share of electric sales in Europe.

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