Mercedes C-Class 2023: Prices, Design & Start of Sales

Mercedes quietly sends a new C-class convertible in invisibility cloak on a test drive. Of course, this did not go unnoticed and now the first information about the new model for 2023 has leaked out. You can find out everything that is known so far about the new convertible here!

Those who are said to be dead live longer: After Mercedes had initially announced that it would shrink its product portfolio in favor of electric models, and spyshot of a new four-seater convertible has nevertheless appeared on the streets. You can find out what it might look like and what customers can expect from this model here.

  • New C-Class Cabrio sighted on test drives
  • Only four-cylinder engines planned
  • Presumably similar design as the C-class
  • Market launch probably in spring 2023

Summer, sun, convertible – who doesn’t dream of sweeping the streets without a roof and being able to enjoy the sun on their heads? The model portfolio at Mercedes is shrinking noticeably, after all, the Stuttgart-based company has already scrapped the S-Class Cabriolet. However, we know from the latest pictures that a new C-Class convertible is currently being tested – read on to find out everything that is known about it!


Unfortunately, at first glance, there is not much more to see than a body, four wheels, and a folding roof. On closer inspection, however, you can already see a few tasteful details.

Mercedes C Class 2023

It is relatively noticeable, even under the distinctive camouflage cover, that the design of the recently introduced C-Class is continued on the C-Class Cabriolet . The question will be whether the convertible caught in the act here will be a cross between the already very similar E-class convertible and C-class convertible. However, the whole thing has nothing to do with the former S-Class as a convertible, which will be completely removed from the Mercedes range.

The two built-in doors, which reveal access to the four-seat interior, are just as quickly recognizable. The side mirrors supported on the door are pleasing to the eye and should ensure good all-around visibility in the rather long-acting runabout.

The frameless windows, which are also responsible for the absence of the B-pillar, are just as chic. As a result, the entire lateral window section looks extremely elegant and seems to have been made from one piece.

Mercedes C-Class 2023 Interior

Although there is no reliable information on this, such as original images or videos, it can be assumed that Mercedes will be based heavily on the new C-Class Sedan and C-Class Estate models in terms of design and the choice of materials for the interior.

The characteristic of the interior design is a huge 9.5-inch upright screen and the digital instrument cluster behind the three-spoke steering wheel. The balancing act between elegance and futurism seems like a piece of cake for the Stuttgart car manufacturer, but it is a lot of conceptual work.

It is known from the current Mercedes models that the infotainment system is at the highest technical level and offers smartphone integration along with language assistants. Since the operation and probably also the enthusiasm because of the many electronic toys could take a little too much time, future drivers should perhaps try out the functions of the central screen before driving. That way, you won’t be too distracted by what’s happening on the street later on.

Engines and handling

Not too much is known about the engines on offer. According to speculation, only four-cylinder engines will work under the hood. Whether petrol or diesel – in the end, that is probably in the hands of the customers. The top versions of the C-class convertible should probably be called AMG C43 and C63e. This is really promising news that already makes you want to go for a spin.

Mercedes C-Class 2023 Price

The long-awaited crowd of customers cannot expect the market launch of the C-Class Cabriolet before 2023. The camouflage images shown here bear witness to the early development phase of the car – the project is still in its infancy, so patience is required.

Mercedes C Class 2023

The sighting of the car is already a small sensation, since, after the announcement by Mercedes that it would reduce the product portfolio, fears of the elimination of the convertible product range were already circulating.

In all probability, a coupé variant is also to be expected, although it is still a long time before it is discovered on the open road.

It has not yet been announced in which price spheres the C-Class Cabriolet will move. The closed variants of the C-Class currently start at around 40,000 euros and since there is a well-known convertible surcharge, 50,000 euros or more should probably end up being paid for the convertible.

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