Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain on the roads in 2022

Mercedes has given the C-Class an all-terrain model for the first time. The robust off-roader is scheduled to hit the market as early as 2022 and is expected to be presented at the IAA in September. We have pictures and information for you.

The first all-terrain version of the Mercedes C-Class station wagon was spotted with minimal camouflage. We have all the information about the alternative to the new Volvo V60 Cross Country and Audi A4 Allroad.

  • Mercedes C-Class all-terrain station wagon spotted
  • The first all-terrain model of the C-Class ever
  • Protective covering on the body
  • Full hybrid and the mild hybrid engine range
  • 490-liter trunk
  • Price from approx. 47,000 euros
  • Premiere at the IAA in Munich in September

A Mercedes C-Class all-terrain model has never existed before. Now that the market can never seem to get enough of robust and SUV-like vehicles, the all-terrain model will soon be available.

Fresh Exterior design

Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain spyshot

Under the camouflage, you can see that the Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain – like the E-Class – receives the inevitable black plastic panels to protect the wheel arches, the door sills, and the trunk edges from bumps and scratches.

In theory, they’re supposed to protect you from rocks and trees when you’re out in the field, but for most people, they’ll be far more useful at keeping out park dents. There is also a radiator grille with two chrome strips on the front, which puts the C-Class All-Terrain in line with the even higher SUVs from Mercedes, such as the GLC.

Engines and driving behavior

The C-Class All-Terrain is equipped with the Mercedes 4MATIC all-wheel-drive system as standard, which transfers most of the power to the rear wheels, but can also redirect it to the front wheels if it detects that you are slipping. This is optional for other C-Class models.

The air suspension, which allows a variable ride height for difficult terrain and improves driving comfort on the road, will also be available.

Mercedes has not yet said how much ground clearance the C-Class All-Terrain will have compared to a normal C-Class, but the E-Class All-Terrain gets an additional ground clearance of 29 millimeters. Therefore we estimate that the C-Class All-Terrain will have a similar ground level.

Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain spyshot

In contrast to the E-Class All-Terrain, which only has two diesel engines to choose from, the C-Class All-Terrain will likely be available with a gasoline engine – most likely a 1.5-liter turbo four-cylinder engine from the C200 with 204 PS.

There is also said to be a C220d diesel (with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder with 200 hp), and both engines will benefit from the fuel-saving mild-hybrid support EQ from Mercedes. Possibly there will also be one of the standard plug-in hybrid models of the C-Class, either a gasoline C300e or a diesel C300de. A 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission will be standard.

New Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain Interior

The Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain will come in handy, with the same 490-liter trunk as the normal C-Class T-Model. The volume can be expanded to 1,510 liters by folding down the rear seats.

In the interior, the C-Class All-Terrain takes over the cab of the standard sedan and station wagon. This means that you get an interior modeled after that of the new S-Class, with a large digital instrument panel (optionally in ten or 12-inch sizes) and a larger (and adjustable) screen in the middle of the dashboard, which can optionally be on a full 12-inch display can be upgraded.

Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain spyshot

The All-Terrain also adopts other technical elements from the standard C-Class, such as B. a 360-degree camera system (which observes the road in front of you while you are driving, shows you the world around you when parking and can even act as a guard when parking) as well as radar-controlled cruise control, lane-keeping steering and a digital lighting system that can project warning signs onto the road.

New Mercedes C-Class All-Terrain Prices and Start of Sales

Mercedes is still keeping a low profile on prices, but it can be assumed that the C-Class All-Terrain will be available from around 47,000 euros if it is to be competitive with the alternatives from Audi and Volvo. Further details should be announced when the finished car is presented at the IAA in Munich in September 2021.

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