Mercedes Citan 2022 Debut With New Face & Interior

On August 25th, Mercedes presented the second generation of the Small Van Citan and its first, fully electric version, the Citan. We have all the information and pictures of the new model for you.

Craftsmen and camper vans watch out! The second generation of the Mercedes Citan is on the way. For all electro enthusiasts, there is also an E version and as far as the design is concerned, the new one is also impressive. Read on for more details.

  • Premiere Citan and eCitan on August 25th
  • Large space
  • Lots of loading volume with a low loading sill
  • Camping suitability
  • Equipped with sliding doors on both sides
  • Very straightforward design
  • eCitan with a range of 265 km
  • Price under 23,800 euros
  • Compatible with Vanessa camping modules

With the EQT and the normal motorized T-model, Mercedes is bringing two small vans for private use onto the market. 

Mercedes Citan 2022 Exterior design

Mercedes Citan 2022

Visually, the Citan impresses with its beefy appearance. The car is quite wide and has pronounced wheel arches. The car comes as a tourer with sliding doors on both the left and right. The sliding elements can be retrofitted on the panel van.

Anyone who is a Mercedes should look like one too. The Citan comes with a typical, unmistakable front design. The radiator grille, the star logo, and the angular headlights are striking. At the rear, the car loses its direct affiliation. As with all high-roof station wagons, we find a straight wall at the rear. The star is small, and from a distance, the triangular taillights, in particular, reveal that this is not the high-roof station wagon competitor VW Caddy.

What can be seen quite clearly: The Citan will not look like the technically related Renault Kangoo. The lines of the Mercedes are very straightforward, there are no playful details. The small van reminds us of a V-Class that has turned out to be too small – which might also be the point of the visual innovation.

There is also a new light signature, which consists of two horizontally stacked bars in very narrow headlights.

Technical data and possible uses

Mercedes Citan 2022

In terms of size, the Citan will remain in the small van class. The standard variant comes with a wheelbase of 2.72 meters and around 4.5 meters in length. If you need even more space, you can buy the Citan as a Mixto with a long wheelbase.

In contrast to the “Marco Polo” models, the Citan is a family or commercial van. Nevertheless, the car should also be suitable for camping. The car has not yet been developed for this use, customers have to install bed frames and other camping must-haves in the car themselves. Traditionally, the Citan will be available as a tourer with 5 seats or as a transporter with three seats and an empty rear box.

Customers can use so-called furniture modules for the expansion. Then the Citan can be transformed from an everyday family car into a camper in no time at all. Vanessa offers attractive modules for Citan. Here you can find bed frames, kitchen modules, and other camping components.

Mercedes Citan 2022

At the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf, Mercedes-Benz is presenting a model of what an expansion with such modules could look like, and which camping genes lie dormant in the Citan.

Practical: there are many storage options in the interior of the Citan. The seats on the Tourer do not necessarily have to be removed for conversion. The rear seat can be folded down variably.

Especially when camping, the car must also be prepared for unpaved roads. The new Citan comes with a newly tuned suspension, damping, and improved stabilizers. So the car can also be parked in the middle of the countryside.

With all the camping suitability, other areas of application of the Citan should not be neglected either. As a tourer, the car is also suitable for shuttle services or as a large family car. If you order the car as a transporter with an empty rear, you can also use it to transport larger items.

MMercedes Citan 2022 interior and equipment

Mercedes Citan 2022

Despite the compact external dimensions, customers should find enough space in the interior for a relaxed journey.

The new Citan should be state-of-the-art not only in practical terms but also technically. On request, the trolley can be upgraded with comfort features such as Thermotronic, Keyless Go, and an electric parking brake.

Always onboard are an infotainment system with a touchscreen, touch control buttons on the steering wheel, and Hey Mercedes voice control. Smartphones can be easily connected to the system, if you want to listen to the radio, you can do so via the built-in digital radio (DAB and DAB +).

Mercedes Citan 2022

There are also numerous driver assistance systems. The Hill Start Assist, the drowsiness warning Attention Assist, the Crosswind Assist, and the Mercedes-Benz emergency call are standard equipment on board. Numerous helpers can be added for an additional charge. Including a distance assistant and a lane departure warning.

Mercedes Citan 2022 Engines and range

Mercedes Citan 2022

Two well-known sizes make the start: a 1.5-liter diesel with three output levels and a 1.3-liter gasoline engine with two output levels. The main features of the engines are relatively low fuel consumption and good driving performance. A 6-speed gearshift is used in all engines.

We can look forward to an electric drive in the second half of 2022. Then the camper with the name eCitan will be more environmentally friendly. The electric range should be around 285 kilometers. This means that smaller distances should be covered without any problems. If you want to be on the road longer, you should be able to charge the battery from 10 to 80 percent in 40 minutes.

MMercedes Citan 2022 Prices and the start of sales

You don’t talk about money. Mercedes seems to take this unspoken rule to heart. Only vague information was published on Citan’s price range. The car should cost less than 23,800 euros, as a basic model with no frills, the price should even be less than 20,000 euros.

The official presentation of the second Citan generation took place on August 25, 2021, as part of an online presence. The camper variant will then be presented at the Caravan Salon Düsseldorf camping fair from August 27th. can be seen until September 5th, 2021. The car can probably be ordered from mid-September 2021.

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