Mercedes CLE 2023: First Details & Photos

With the Mercedes CLE 2023, the Stuttgart carmaker is planning a new class. We have gathered the first information and are showing an illustration of the CLE !?

Comes with the Mercedes CLE 2023 another model series? If you look at the Mercedes model range, it is particularly noticeable that there can be nothing that doesn’t already exist. The compact family starting with the A-Class alone comprises eight different vehicles, including the saloon with an extended wheelbase that is only available in China. And yet there is still a niche in which Mercedes is naked: there is still space between the C and E-Class.

A little inventory beforehand. With the classic designs of the four-door sedan and the five-door station wagon, both series perfectly fill their respective segments. With a difference in length of around 25 centimeters, they are far enough apart to make it clear that they belong to the class, on the other hand, they are too close together to squeeze another series in between. Daimler’s new class is therefore a case for the special body shapes: The new series is called Mercedes CLE (2020) and is about to be finalized.

A whole family of models for the Mercedes CLE (2020) is in planning. In addition to a very attractive four-door coupé sedan in the style of the larger CLS, a two-door coupé and a convertible are on the agenda. Another convertible with a star? If you get dizzy while counting through, because Mercedes has so far only had six convertibles in its range, be reassured. The discontinued SLC model will not be replaced, and there will be no more open-air offshoots of the next S-Class either.

And because the four-seater folding roofs of the current C-Class and the recently upgraded E-Class are too little differentiated given the global decline in the number of convertible buyers, they too will one day disappear from the price list – just like the coupés on which they are based. With the targeted cut, Mercedes turns four cars into two, can still satisfy his fans and save money. Even more: The Mercedes CLE (2023) as a four-door coupé should also be an interesting price alternative to the CLS, which costs at least 57,792 euros.


The Mercedes CLE models will gradually come onto the market from the end of 2023. However, there will be no CLE Shooting Brake. The station wagon version of the new C-Class, scheduled for 2021, will be so sporty and elegant that there is no need for another station wagon coupé. Technically, the future C-Class, the next E-Class (2024), and the CLE models are based on a highly standardized basis, specifically on the MRA-II (Mercedes Rear Architecture) modular system for vehicles with longitudinal engines and rear or all-wheel drive.

An important development goal is the consistent hybridization of all drives, such as the 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel (OM 654 M), which is equipped with a new integrated starter generator (ISG). The ISG is no longer part of the engine, but part of the transmission. Further measures to reduce consumption and emissions include switching to an electric refrigerant compressor for the air conditioning system and using a new crankshaft. It increases the stroke from 92.3 to 94 millimeters and thus the displacement to 1993 cubic centimeters. In addition, Diesel will in the future have two water-cooled turbochargers with variable turbine geometry. Equipped in this way, the Mercedes CLE (2023) faces competition with Audi and BMW.

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