Mercedes e-Citan will be on the road in 2022

The star brand has put on sale the second generation Mercedes-Benz Citan, which coincides with the third-generation Renault Kangoo. At the moment, all the available versions are thermal, three diesel, and two gasoline. For the electric version, Mercedes-Benz e-Citan , we will have to wait a little longer, to 2022.

Two years ago Mercedes-Benz confirmed that in 2021 there would be an electric version of the Citan, which so far has not been available even though it was in the Kangoo range. As the automotive sector has faced not a few problems in 2021, the launch is delayed for a year. The 100% passenger version, EQT, will also arrive in 2022

The industrial and mixed versions, eCitan Van and eCitan Tourer, will have a single battery option, 44 kWh, with which they can travel 285 km, 20 more than Kangoo E-TECH Electric. The engine delivers a power of 75 kW / 102 hp and 245 Nm of maximum torque, and the driver can choose two programs depending on whether they prefer more response to the throttle or maximize autonomy. Later there will be a version with an elongated chassis to increase the capacity of the trunk.

In alternating current, the recharging capacity will be 11 kW as standard (4 and a half hours for 100%) or 22 kW optionally (2 hours for 100%). The recharge in direct current will allow recovery up to 75 kW optionally, which means going from 10 to 80% in less than three-quarters of an hour.

Mercedes e-Citan

The price will surely be above the Citan 110 for gasoline (18,192 euros in Van and 26,262 euros in Tourer) and Citan 112 CDI (19,886 euros in Van), the most equivalent by power. It is surely the latest generation with a multi-energy platform, so if the third generation of Citan arrives, we can already expect it to be 100% electric.

As for the passenger version, which will belong to the T-Class, at the moment it has only been revealed in the form of a prototype, the Mercedes-Benz EQT Concept. His commercial debut is also planned for next year. The differences between the production EQT and the EQT Concept prototype will not be very significant.

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