Mercedes EQE everything will change in 2022!

Now the time has come: Mercedes has presented the electric mid-range sedan EQE. It will be presented to the public for the first time at the IAA. We have the latest information and a video for you!

The new Mercedes EQE was presented on September 5th. The electric equivalent of the E-Class will be presented to an audience for the first time at the IAA. We have all the information for you.

  • Fully electric Mercedes EQE presented
  • It Will be smaller than the EQS
  • Interior close to the EQS
  • Two versions for the market launch
  • Up to 660 kilometers range
  • Market launch in 2022
  • Prices could start at around 75,000 euros

Mercedes has confirmed that the new EQE electric car will be presented at the IAA in Munich in September 2021. Two new teaser images show what to expect from this new Tesla Model S alternative when it hits the market in 2022.

Exterior design and technical data

The EQE shows itself with clear lines, generously designed surfaces, and very reduced joints. The seamless transitions make the EQE look elegant and sporty. The overhangs are short, the rear has been designed dynamically and shows a sharp spoiler edge. The wheels, which can be selected up to 21-inch, also help make the EQE look very athletic.

The bike beach of the EQE is really large at 3.12 meters, but a good 90 millimeters shorter than on the luxury liner EQS. Here you will find the previously known technical data:

Technical data Mercedes EQE 350

  • Length [m]4.95
  • Width [m]1.96
  • Height [m]1.51
  • Wheelbase [m]3.12
  • Battery capacity [kWh]90
  • Range [km]545-660
  • Torque [Nm]530
  • Horsepower292
  • AC charging tie [h]4-8
  • DC charging time [min]32
  • Turning circle [m]12.5
  • Trunk volume [l]430

The EQE is the first vehicle to be manufactured with steel from Salzgitter AG that is 100 percent recycled. This reduces the CO2 emissions that arise in the manufacture of flat steel by around 60 percent.

The pure electrical architecture on which the EQE is based also opened up new possibilities for the safety concept. The installation space for the battery was chosen favorably in a crash-protected area in the underbody. There is no large engine block, so it was even easier to simulate the behavior of the vehicle in a frontal crash.

Mercedes EQE: interior

Mercedes EQE Interior

There’s a lot of space inside the EQE. The interior dimensions are much larger than in today’s E-Class. Here are some data: The shoulder room grows by 27 millimeters, the interior length grows by 80 millimeters and the seating position is 65 millimeters higher. Our above picture from the IAA shows the interior of the EQE without the hyper screen element, which is subject to a surcharge – it also looks very chic.

What we didn’t like very much in the seat test is the operation of the steering wheel, which contains a lot of touch buttons. You have to press or slide to operate the fields, which turns out to be not that easy. We just wanted to change the volume of the radio and it took us a long time to understand that all you have to do is slide upwards. We find it a bit awkward.

As far as the design is concerned, you lean on the EQS – you can also have the MBUX Hyperscreen built into the EQE for a surcharge, the automatic comfort doors, and rear-axle steering are also available as special equipment.

The EQE even got a specially created fragrance. It’s called No. 6 Mood Bittersweet and is said to be reminiscent of the aroma of dark chocolate.

As far as assistance and safety systems are concerned, there is of course nothing missing in the EQE. A 12.3 inch OLED display is even available for the front passenger if you opt for the hyper screen display. Passengers can then operate their displays and, for example, watch videos or surf the Internet while driving. So that the driver is not distracted, Mercedes-EQ has used an intelligent, camera-based locking logic:

Mercedes EQE

As soon as the camera detects that the driver is looking at the front passenger’s display, the content shown there is automatically dimmed. A great solution!

Of course, the latest MBUX generation is also on board, which was recently presented at the EQS. The software is capable of learning and adapts to the operating concept of its users. Personal suggestions for a wide variety of settings are then provided.

430 liters fit into the trunk of the EQE – not as big as expected, but okay. As you can see in the picture, the loading sill is relatively high, which means that you cannot load your luggage so easily.

Battery and range

The battery has a capacity of 90 kWh, which will enable a range of up to 660 kilometers. So it is suitable for travel, which is also important for a limousine. There will be two model variants for the market launch: the EQE 350 with approx. 292 hp, and another model. Other versions will follow over the next year.

Of course, the EQE can also fast charge with a charging power of up to 170 kW. This means that up to 35.55 kWh of energy can be recharged within 15 minutes, which corresponds to a range of around 250 kilometers.

The EQE can easily be charged with 11 kW or 22 kW, which then enables a full charge in 8 or 4 hours. A quick charging station can also be used to charge up to 170 kW. Then the EQE is fully charged again in a quick 32 minutes.

Mercedes EQE

You can of course charge at home, but when you’re out and about, you benefit from Mercedes me Charge, one of the largest charging networks in the world. More than 530,000 AC and DC charging points are available in 31 countries, making charging easier on the go.

Engines and performance

The EQE 350 will be launched on the market with an output of 292 hp. Another model will soon follow. All versions are rear-axle driven, but all-wheel-drive versions will follow.

While nothing official has been confirmed yet, there will likely be a range of powerful electric AMG variants that can rival cars like the Tesla Model S Plaid. This of course also includes a Mercedes-AMG EQE version.

Mercedes EQE Price

The Mercedes EQE business sedan is the second model of the new electric architecture after the EQS luxury model. The EQE will then celebrate its trade fair premiere at the IAA in Munich. The global market launch will then take place in mid-2022. Production for the world market will take place in Bremen. It is not yet known what the EQE will cost.

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