Mercedes EQG Perfect transformation of the G-Class !

With the Concept Mercedes EQG, Mercedes is giving a concrete outlook on the electric G-Class at the IAA Mobility. LatestCarNews has already looked at the Elektro-G!

The Mercedes G-Class is being revolutionized! After the off-road icon was extensively redesigned in 2018, the biggest change since its market launch in 1979 is imminent – because the G-Class is becoming an electric car. The traditionalists may scream, but: This is the best that can happen to the G. Because the combustion versions remain in the program. Means G 400, G 500, G 63, and Co and are offered in parallel. At least for now. With the Concept EQG, Mercedes is giving a concrete outlook on the series version of the electric planned for 2024 at the IAA 2021 in Munich-G-class!

Concept EQG with two-tone paintwork

Mercedes speaks of a near-series study with the Concept EQG. So it’s no wonder that the Concept EQG is recognizable as a G-Class at first glance. Mercedes is also sticking to the iconic design, which has only been carefully revised over the past 42 years, with the electric version. But it doesn’t work entirely without innovations: The classic radiator grille had to make way for the EQG, it is being replaced by a “black panel grill” with an illuminated star and an animated pattern of blue squares. The panel is framed by a circumferential strip of light that – together with the circles in the exterior mirrors – complements the daytime running lights signature. Pretty futuristic.

Interior of the normal G-Class

Mercedes EQG

The visual highlight of the Concept EQG is the two-tone paintwork in glossy black and glossy aluminum beam; the dividing line runs along the body fold and on the lower edge of the overlying bonnet. Only when you look closely do you notice the protective strips provided with light strips; they could also function as marker lights, but will probably not come into series production due to legal regulations. The specially developed, voluminous 21-inch rims are visually reminiscent of the AMG monoblock rims. Speaking of rims. If you miss the spare wheel prominently placed on the rear door when you look at the rear, the spare wheel cover on the EQG is replaced by a lockable box in which, for example, the charging cable can be accommodated. In the study, a flat roof rack offers the option of integrating a white LED strip on the roof. At the rear, another LED bar above the third brake light forms the end.

A look into the interior reveals no surprises: the completely white interior, except the EQ instruments, has been taken over from the normal G-Class and logically does not yet correspond to the standard version. Unfortunately, we weren’t allowed to sit down yet – increased risk of soiling!

How big are the batteries of the Mercedes EQG?

Since it is officially still a study, Mercedes reveals few details about the drive and the built-in technology. Power, range, battery size? Everything is still secret! Only this much is known: The batteries are integrated into the ladder frame and are intended to provide a low center of gravity. It is clear that the basis of the later EQG is not a new development, but a conversion of the current G-Class platform to an electric drive. Some time ago, Mercedes secured the designations EQG 560 and EQG 580; different performance variants and battery sizes are under discussion. The battery technology may be taken over by the EQS. Of the EQS achieves a maximum range of 770 kilometers, with the EQG the distance should be significantly shorter. At the moment, however, these are only speculations, because Mercedes officially only speaks of a range that is suitable for everyday use.

Mercedes EQG Interior

All-wheel drive is set on all models. The study gets an independent suspension on the front axle and a newly developed rigid axle at the rear, which is necessary to integrate the electric drive. The Concept EQG consists of four individually controllable PSM electric motors that deliver the power to a two-speed gearbox (comparable to the low/high range in a combustion engine). It is hardly surprising that Mercedes attaches particular importance to the off-road capabilities of the electric G-Class. So that the later production version is in no way inferior to the combustion engines, the off-road technology (reduction, locks, and more) will be retained. This is how the electric G-Class should master the test track on the Schöckl mountain!

Mercedes EQG Price

Petrolheads can breathe a sigh of relief: contrary to what was initially expected, the introduction of the electric G-Class does not mean the end of the combustion version. Instead, Mercedes wants to additionally offer the EQG from 2024, so give customers the choice. There is currently silence on prices. Mercedes EQG will cost at least 130,000 euros. For comparison: A G 500 is available from dealers from 118,619 euros, the 585 hp top model G 63 is now not available for less than 162,703 euros.

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