Mercedes EQS 2022: Debut With New Tech & New Tech

The time has finally come: On April 15, Mercedes presented its electric luxury sedan EQS. With a range of over 700 kilometers, a hyper-modern interior, and lots of comfort and assistance systems, it is the top model in the EQ series. We have pictures and all the latest information for you.

The wait is over because the flagship of the EQ series has been presented. The Mercedes EQS is a superlative limousine, not only in terms of the long-range but also in terms of infotainment, interior, and of course the price.

  • Mercedes EQS presented on April 15th
  • Over 700 km electric range
  • 108 kWh battery
  • Two infotainment options
  • Futuristic hyper screen
  • Probably to have from 93,000 euros
  • Sales start in August 2021

The new Mercedes EQS is a luxurious, all-electric alternative to Porsche TaycanAudi e-Tron GT, and Tesla Model. It contains even more technology than the recently released Mercedes S-Class.

Mercedes EQS: exterior design

The EQS 440+ and EQS 580 4Matic will be the first models to hit the market. Due to the Ambition 2039 initiative, which is designed to offer a climate-neutral fleet in 20 years, the EQS is produced accordingly in a sustainable manner. Recycled materials are also used in the interior and it has been possible to achieve a unique drag coefficient of 0.20 – currently, no normal series vehicle can do that.

The design of the EQS differs significantly from the top combustion version of the S-Class because the modular system is designed for purely electric vehicles. The overall design is rounded and the long, curved roof shows the length of the vehicle – making it look more like a four-door coupe than a conventional sedan.

Mercedes EQS 2022

The front is combined into a “black panel” unit. This includes innovative headlights that are connected by a light band and the deep black radiator grille in which the circular star typical of Mercedes is embedded. The front is designed to be sporty and low, the overhangs are short and the rear has been gently rounded.

The flush door handles are standard on all models. If the Mercedes star is not enough for you, you can optionally order the panoramic sliding roof and see the real starry sky. Together with the large glass surfaces, a lot of light is then generated in the interior.

The bonnet does not have to be opened for normal replacement work, because the flap for the washer fluid was integrated into the side of the left fender. The engine hood is therefore only opened by the specialist workshop for maintenance work.

As an intelligent vehicle, the EQS has a large number of sensors, depending on the equipment, up to 350 are possible. These record a wide variety of parameters such as distances, speeds, light conditions, precipitation and temperatures, seat occupancy – even the blink of an eye of the driver, or the language. All of this is processed by control units, which, controlled by algorithms, make the right decisions at lightning speed. The new EQS can expand its capabilities based on new experiences because it is very capable of learning thanks to artificial intelligence.

Mercedes EQS: battery and performance data

The EQS is the first vehicle on the modular kit for luxury-class electric vehicles. A range of up to 770 kilometers should be possible – that is enormous. Here you can get close to a diesel vehicle and can confidently go on vacation with the family. This is possible because new battery technology is also celebrating its premiere with the EQS. It has more usable energy and can thus provide more range.

Charging at a fast-charging station of up to 200 kW is possible and is then charged so far within just 15 minutes that 300 kilometers can be covered. If you have a wall box with an output of 22 kW installed at home, the EQS can be fully recharged in just five hours, while an 11 kW wall box takes twice as long.

Mercedes EQS 2022

The navigation system is equipped with what is known as electrical intelligence and searches for the best routes, including charging stops, and reacts dynamically if there is a traffic jam, accident, or other obstruction on the route.

With its current performance of EQS, the possibility of a has Porsche Taycan and a Tesla Model S be dangerous. A power version with over 760 hp is already being planned; the first models to hit the market will have 333 and 523 hp.

Technical data and driving behavior

The EQS is the first Mercedes to offer the option of activating completely new vehicle functions via over-the-air updates (OTA). What’s already included: two special driving programs for young drivers and service employees, a few small games and the demo program “The best or nothing”. This means that after the purchase and initial equipment of the new car, some functions of the EQS can be adjusted according to personal preferences.

The EQS will also be equipped with the latest technology for autonomous driver assistance – it steers, accelerates, and brakes for you to keep you in the lane on motorways and expressways.

It will also be extremely comfortable and quiet to drive, and the centrally located battery will help reduce the tilt of the body when cornering and improve the stability of the vehicle at higher speeds.

New Mercedes EQS: interior

Mercedes EQS 2022 Interior

Even before the premiere on April 15, Mercedes had published some pictures of the interior. The official pictures show the new hyper-screen system from Mercedes, which offers a digital display in front of the driver, a huge touchscreen infotainment system in the middle, and a third screen for the front passenger.

Mercedes has also programmed the infotainment system so that it learns to use the new hyper screen again so that it can give you instructions on the screen so that you can find certain functions more quickly. For example, it will automatically display a person’s contact information when you call them at the same time each day, and it can suggest your favorite massage features during a long drive if it thinks you’re getting tired.

Photo Gallery;

The hyper screen will cost extra in the EQS, but it is not yet known exactly how much. A somewhat more conventional, but still large “floating screen” is installed as standard, as in the Mercedes S-Class.

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