Mercedes EQT: Concept Model will be ready in 2023

Mercedes is making further progress in matters of electrification and on May 10th presented the EQT Concept – a near-series concept vehicle in the small van area for leisure-oriented private customers. The EQT will be the electrified version of the T-Class.

“Electric first” is the statement from Mercedes about the EQT Concept. The T-Class has not yet been presented, the electric counterpart EQT is given precedence – at least as a concept vehicle. As a practical family and leisure van, the EQT should score with surprisingly great versatility and is also the first small van in the private customer segment.

The V-Class is currently the model for leisure fans if it should be a Mercedes. With the EQT and the T-Class combustion model, there is now another model in the smaller van segment.

  • Close-to-series concept vehicle EQT presented
  • There is space for up to 7 people
  • Characteristic black panel front
  • Stylish interior
  • E-longboard in the rear
  • Market launch probably only in 2023

Sales start

Mercedes EQT

The near-series concept of the EQT was presented on May 10, and thus before its combustion brother, the T-Class. When it comes to market launch, it will be the other way around, as the T-Class is expected to hit the market as early as 2022, while the electric version EQT will follow later. When has not yet been communicated.

Mercedes EQT Exterior design

Curved proportions, balanced and sensual surfaces. This is the design of the EQT, which at the same time shows with strong shoulders and accentuated wheel arches that it has a strong side in addition to the gentle side. The characteristic black panel on the front, which contains the LED headlights, is of course not missing in the EQT. The black panel pulls out seamlessly from the bonnet.

Mercedes EQT

Small Mercedes stars adorn the panel and show a great 3D effect. Slightly smaller stars can also be found on the rims, slightly larger ones on the panorama roof. A strip of light connects the LED headlights and the LED rear lights with each other, which creates a nice contrast, especially in combination with the high-gloss black exterior paint.

Technical Data

The EQT will have a length of 4.94 meters, a width of 1.86 meters, and a height of 1.83 meters, which already gives an idea of ​​how good space will be. Both sides are equipped with sliding doors that open very wide, making it easy to get in and out of the car even in narrow parking spaces. In the third row, two fully-fledged individual seats can be easily reached via the sliding doors.

Mercedes EQT

Also really family-friendly is the fact that you can fit three child seats next to each other in the second row of seats – there aren’t that many cars for three child seats. Everything is also very easy to load at the rear because the steep rear with an upright tailgate and window offers plenty of space inside.

Mercedes EQT Interior

Mercedes EQT Interior

In the interior, we can look forward to a contrast of black and white, which should express emotion and style. The seats are upholstered in the finest Nappa leather, the incorporated applications in the middle of the seat are made of woven, recycled leather.

The instrument panel is particularly noticeable. The upper part is shaped like a so-called wing profile and visually gives the impression of a washed-out pebble. Overall, it merges with the instrument cluster, which makes the whole thing look very dynamic.

In addition to the instrument cluster, a practical storage compartment has been integrated so that important items can be quickly accessed. The round ventilation nozzles in high-gloss black and the touch buttons, which make everything look very modern and classy, ​​also radiate high quality.

Mercedes EQT

Of course, the EQT also has the MBUX infotainment system, which can be controlled via a free-standing central display with a touch function. This artificial intelligence in the MBUX system is capable of learning and that means that a prediction function is used to guess what the drivers are likely to want to do next.

The panorama roof is huge and makes the interior very airy and light. The trunk can also be used variably because the angular shape allows a lot of volume in the luggage compartment and if more space is required, the two sides of the third row of seats can simply be folded down or Remove completely so that the stroller, dog transport box or large leisure equipment also fit in.

Mercedes EQT

A nice move from Mercedes: The electric longboard. It is located in the trunk under a false floor under a plexiglass cover. Here it becomes clear again for whom the EQT is the right vehicle – namely the sporty family who has a lot of luggage and a real desire for leisure activities.

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