Mercedes GLC 2022: everything we know about the new mid-size SUV

The new generation of the Mercedes GLC continues with its development, a mid-size SUV that will become a reality in 2022 and will feature first-rate technology.

Little by little, we are learning new unofficial information about the new generation of Mercedes GLC (the second in the history of this average SUV, since the first original model dates from 2015). The star brand’s mid-size SUV continues with its fine-tuning, a process that seems to be reaching its final stage and has been witnessed in recent days by photographers specialized in immortalizing spy images of pre-series vehicles that they are tested before they are marketed.

The new spy images of the Mercedes GLC 2022 have been captured in Germany, in the vicinity of one of the factories of the German firm and the vicinity of the Nürburgring Circuit. From the point of view of its design, everything indicates that the aesthetic changes will not be revolutionary, although it is expected that the production model will grow slightly in size, with greater length, greater wheelbase and also greater body overhangs. . With all this and pending official information to confirm it, it is expected that the occupants traveling aboard the new generation of this SUV will enjoy more space inside.


More specifically, on the outside, the second generation of the GLC should sport a front grille with a more sporty look, while in other spy images it seems that said front grille could have a somewhat more refined and elegant image, which raises the possibility of that the model can be marketed with two differentiated style lines: one for those looking for a fresher, younger and more carefree design, on the one hand, and another version for those customers who demand a vehicle with more conservative lines and “Classic”.

From a technical point of view, it seems that it is confirmed that the platform that will use the GLC 2022 will be the same architecture as the current generation of the C-Class. In this way, its mechanical offer will be articulated in a turbocharged four-cylinder engine with different power levels and with various degrees or associated hybridization systems.


On the other hand, it is also expected that the second generation of this SUV can also benefit from EQ Boost technology, which could provide it depending on versions and at certain times up to an extra temporary “peak” of up to 15 kW more power (about 20 hp) and a little more torque. For its part, the more than likely sports version with the AMG seal could incorporate a high-performance plug-in hybrid technology, in which a 6.1 kWh capacity battery and a rear electric motor of about 150 kW of power and 320 Nm pair would play a key role in its entire operation.

Mercedes GLC 2022

Regarding how the interior could be, the unofficial information anticipates that its appearance will have many similarities with the current C-Class, in such a way that the instrumentation panel behind the wheel could be presided over by a digital screen of about 12, 3 inches in size, which would almost be joined or would have its continuity with another digital screen located in the central area of ​​the dashboard of about 11.9 inches in diameter and whose operation would be similar to that of a tablet.

The “conventional” five-door body will be the first to debut in the second generation of the 2022 GLC and, a few months later, the Coupé version would have to do the same.


The new Mercedes-Benz GLC 2022 still has no price, although it will not differ excessively from the one announced by the current model, which starts in our country from 50,700 euros.

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