Mercedes GLS 2023: Greater SUV hunted on test drive

If you want it to be big, luxurious, and with an SUV-high seat, the X7 and GLS are the best options in this country. The soon-to-be Mercedes GLS 2023 is intended to alienate Bavarian customers. We’ll tell you here whether there will be any changes to the engines and the price!

The current generation came onto the market at the end of 2019, and the Mercedes GLS facelift will follow in 2023. Of course, little has changed in the basic dimensions of the 5207 millimeters long, 1956 millimeters wide, and 1823 millimeters high colossus. Because the interventions in the sheet metal are also clearly restrained – as the first photos underline. The radiator grille including the bumper and light graphics has been refreshed, but they don’t make the previous models look old.


The luxury SUV, which is technically closely related to the GLE, should also continue to rely on the well-known six- and eight-cylinder engines with 286 to 612 hp (210 to 450 kW). All petrol engines are mild hybrids and have a supporting 48-volt electrical system. So far there has been no trace of plug-in hybrids.

The GLE hybrid powertrains should not be an option due to the four-cylinder engines. Whether the Mercedes GLS 2023 uses the new S-Class and its V6 electric motor combination (S 580 e) is speculative, and fits with the performance data – 510 hp (375 kW) system performance and up to around 100 kilometers Range – but good in the class. All-wheel drive and a nine-speed automatic are set regardless of the engine.

Mercedes GLS 2023

The sheer huge interior, which offers space for between five and (with a third row) seven people depending on the configuration, is also set. If the individual seats are ordered in the second row, six passengers can be accommodated. A trailer load of up to 3.5 tonnes and a luggage compartment between 355 and 2400 liters once again underline the spaciousness of the GLS.

The particularly luxurious Maybach version, which is limited to four seats, plays a very special role here. Regardless of the equipment of the Mercedes GLS Facelift 2023, we expect only minor changes in the interior as well.

Mercedes GLS 2023

The MBUX infotainment system (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) should receive an update. The latest steering wheel generation with capacitive buttons will also be introduced. Use of the vertical XXL screen à la S-Class is technically not possible, the cockpit is too high for that. The model update will be presented and launched in 2023.

Mercedes GLS 2023

Mercedes GLS 2023 Price

The price of the Mercedes GLS 2023 should be based on the current model, which is available from 96,431 euros (as of June 2022).

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