Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV Debut with New Face

After the Mercedes EQS sedan, there will also be an EQS SUV – but not just anyone, but a luxury version from Mercedes-Maybach. The Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV was presented on September 5th. We have created an exclusive rendering, and also all the new information about the upcoming luxury electric SUV for you.

An exclusive, new rendering of the Mercedes EQS SUV gives you a taste of what the all-electric luxury SUV might look like when it hits the market in 2022. Read on for all the details.

  • Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV presented
  • Mercedes’ flagship among the electric SUVs
  • The expected range of more than 600 kilometers
  • Is equipped with the new MBUX “Hyperscreen”
  • Sales start: 2022

We were on the road for you at the IAA and took pictures of the Maybach electric car and brought a few impressions with us. Electric SUVs are popular because they have a lot of range and space.

The first fully-electric Maybach series model will be an SUV based on the modular architecture for luxury and upper-class e-cars. It will use technology similar to the EQS sedan to be a high-tech electric alternative to the Mercedes GLS and the BMW X7. It is one of 10 new electric EQ models that Mercedes will bring to market in the coming years.

Exterior design

The near-series concept vehicle can easily be identified as a Maybach by its typical identifying features. Above all, the two-tone paintwork, but also the innovative technologies that are built into this electric car.

When we looked at the vehicle at the IAA, we just thought: Wow, that’s great! The wheelhouse went up to our waist and the huge rims could also be incredibly large salad bowls. Overall, the Maybach inspires a lot of respect, because when you stand in front of it, it looks very angry.

The design follows the shape of the Mercedes electric vehicles and shows a dynamic silhouette that extends over the entire vehicle. The front sits deep but taut over the sloping A-pillar, the roof, and the spoiler lip of the rear spoiler. The design called “Seamless Design” comes with seamless transitions without edges or breaks. Muscular shoulders and expressive surfaces also characterize the Maybach EQS SUV. Chrome applications should of course not be missing on a Maybach, and the wheel arches are in high-gloss black.

Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV

Of course, the black panel front is also attached here, which is seamlessly integrated into the front hood. LED lighting units that make the light dance with individual diamond blocks are framed in a fine mesh with the Maybach emblem. The typical Maybach pinstripes are also present, chrome-plated, and characterize the new cooler.

The slats on the bumper’s air intake are also chrome-plated. The classic Maybach lettering and the upright Mercedes star are emblazoned on the front hood. The Maybach logo has also been incorporated on the sides so that somehow you have the feeling that you are looking at a designer handbag – the respective logos are also being thrown around wildly here.

A look at the rear shows a continuous strip of lights, which, so to speak, shows the radiant climax. Animated from the outside to the inside, they are modern and the chrome-plated roof spoiler is a decorative element that has a sporty and aerodynamic effect at the same time.

The automatic comfort doors, which can be installed at the front and rear, are a very exclusive option. When you approach the vehicle as a passenger, the door handles extend and when you get close enough, the driver’s door opens automatically – what a luxury. The MBUX system also allows the rear doors to be opened remotely.

Mercedes EQS SUV: interior

Mercedes EQS SUV interior

Just as individual and luxurious as it is on the outside, the interior of the Maybach EQS SUV continues. Above all, the interior is implemented in a strongly virtual way. A lounge character should promise a luxurious trip at the highest level. There are two large single seats in the rear that are inspired by the S-Class. In addition, a high-end rear-seat entertainment system that sweetens the stay on board.

In the SUV you sit even more comfortably than in the sedan because you had more space available and so the number of cars could be increased.

The center console seems to float and gives the interior a very elegant impression with plenty of space. the indirect ambient lighting contributes to this. A nice detail is certainly the standard vase insert, which you can decorate with matching flowers and bring some nature into the luxury body. There is plenty of storage space, folding tables, drinks box, cooling compartment and much more are optionally available.

Performance and range

The Maybach EQS is not the only model either; there will be another fully electric model, the EQS SUV, which will go into series production before the Maybach in 2022. It will be quiet in the EQS, which then brings a high level of rest. The planned range should be 600 kilometers.

The EQS SUV will likely be available with the same 90 kWh and 108 kWh battery options that are offered for the sedan.

Due to the increased drag from the larger and taller body, the EQS SUV is unlikely to reach the EQS sedan’s maximum range of 770 kilometers, although the SUV should be able to store enough battery charge for well over 640 kilometers between charges. The EQS SUV will likely also be compatible with powerful 200 kW fast charging points.

While the EQS sedan will be available with rear-wheel drive, the SUV, like its internal combustion engine-powered counterpart, the Mercedes GLS, should only be equipped with all-wheel drive. This means that, despite its size and weight, the EQS SUV will accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in around five seconds – depending on how powerful the electric motors are in the end.

Since Mercedes has already confirmed that an EQS AMG with up to 761 hp is planned, one should not be surprised if a more powerful version of the EQS SUV is also added to the range at a later date.

Mercedes EQS SUV: prices and the start of sales

The Mercedes-Maybach EQS was presented on September 5th and will be on display at the IAA in Munich. It should then go into production in 2022.

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