MG4 Electric passed the NCAP Test with 5 stars

In recent months we have talked a lot about the MG4 Electric, the electric car that has hit the market table thanks to its relationship between price, technology, and range. In his first contact, still, at a standstill, we were able to verify that its competitive price is not incompatible with correct finishes. And if there was anyone who could doubt its safety on board, the MG4 has just shown that it passes with flying colors in that section.

Euro NCAP, the independent body in charge of assessing the safety level of new cars through standardized tests, has just published the results of the last batch of cars that it will test in 2022. A total of fourteen new models have passed through the Euro laboratories NCAP, including the new Lexus RX, Mercedes-Benz GLC, or the Volkswagen ID. Buzz, among others. Also, the new electric MG4 has achieved the long-awaited five stars in the Euro NCAP tests.

Knowing that it has achieved five stars, a good level of security is already assumed in general terms. However, let’s break down the results. Euro NCAP measures the level of protection of child and adult occupants, the protection of vulnerable road users, and the safety assistance functions of the vehicle. All this through different standardized tests, for all cars the same (logically).

In adult occupant protection, the MG4 has achieved an 83% rating (31.6 points out of 38 possible). It is a good score but it is not among the best of this 2022. To put it in the situation, in protection for adult occupants the MG4 ties with the Alfa Romeo Tonale and the SEAT Arona, and slightly surpasses the Honda HR-V, the BMW Series 2, and the Citroën C5 X (among others).


The dummy readings indicated good knee and femur protection for both the driver and passenger, but according to Euro NCAP, some dashboard structures presented a hazard to occupants of different sizes or those seated in different positions. The driver’s chest compression manikin readings indicated “Low” protection of that region of the body.

In the full-width (full-width) frontal crash test with a fixed frontal barrier, the MG4 offered good or adequate protection of all critical body areas. However, the post-test analysis showed that the head of the rear passenger dummy had moved forward more than recommended, and protection for that area of ​​the body was rated “Low”. In both the side barrier test and the more serious side impact, against a pole, all critical body parts were well protected and the MG4 Electric scored top marks.

There are two negative notes in this section: the lack of a central airbag and the absence of headrests in the central rear seat. Not having a central airbag means that, in the event of a side impact, the heads of the two front passengers can collide. And because the rear center seat lacks a head restraint, the rear seats didn’t score points for whiplash protection.

Child occupant protection achieves a score of 80%. Again, it’s a good rating in absolute terms but somewhat low in relative terms, taking other new cars into account. In fact, among all the cars tested this year by Euro NCAP, the MG4 is the fifth worst in this section. According to Euro NCAP, protection of all critical areas of the body was good in the frontal displacement and side barrier tests, but they note that in both the frontal displacement and side barrier tests, the neck protection of the 10 years was rated as “Poor”.


On the other hand, the MG4 gets a 75% score for Vulnerable Road User Protection. According to Euro NCAP, head protection for a pedestrian struck by a car is “good or adequate” on the bonnet surface, but “poor or poor” at the base of the windscreen and windscreen pillars. The bumper offered good or adequate leg protection for pedestrians and pelvic protection was also mostly good. The autonomous emergency braking (AEB) system performed “adequately” in the pedestrian tests and “well” in the cyclist tests, avoiding collisions in most cases.

In the section on security assistants, the MG4 achieves a 78% score. Although he does not get the maximum score in any of the tests in this section, he does get a good grades in all of them. It should be noted that the five-star rating applies to all versions of the MG4 range (Standard, Comfort, and Luxury).

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