Mobilize Solo Concept a 3-wheel EV for the city

After the presentation of the Duo, Bento, and Limo, the mobility company of the Renault Group (Mobilize) has shown the first images of its fourth model: the Solo Concept, a 100% electric three-wheeled vehicle specially designed for the city. At the moment it is a simple prototype, as it has not been confirmed if it will reach production in the future.

The Mobilize Solo Concept is presented as a kind of intermediate step between a scooter and a scooter. According to the company, two-wheelers “are not for everyone”, which is why a configuration of this type has been chosen. Its top speed is limited to 25 km/h and you don’t need a license to drive it.

As with the Duo, the Solo Concept is 50% recycled in materials and 95% recyclable, following Mobilize’s approach to sustainability. It is interesting to note that the original project comes from the Indian division of Renault, which mainly sells passenger cars under 4 meters in length such as the Kwid crossover, the Triber MPV, and the Kiger SUV.

At 1.37 meters long, 1.75 meters high, and just 0.9 meters wide, it is an ultra-compact vehicle ideal for congested cities. According to Mobilize, up to six Solo Concept units can be parked in a conventional parking space, evidencing its suitability for urban environments.

Mobilize Solo

The Mobilize Solo Concept measures 0.9 meters wide

The mechanical configuration of the Solo Concept is very peculiar since the front wheels are driven, while the rear is directional. The driving position is semi-upright, while the steering wheel gives way to a joystick that probably won’t be kept in case the vehicle ends up making its way into production.

Mobilize Solo

Although Mobilize has not provided data regarding its power or autonomy, it has made it known that it can be charged in three ways: through a plug-in, through induction charging (that is, wireless), and by extracting the pack itself to charge it in the home as many scooter and bicycle users already do.

If the project finally goes ahead, the Mobilize Solo will most likely be available on carsharing platforms like ZITY, where it will compete against electric scooters, bikes, and scooters from other competing services.

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