New Hyundai Kona refreshed to dominate electric SUV market

The Korean manufacturer has made official all the data and specifications of the new electric Hyundai Kona: the renewed SUV that the European market needs

Hyundai has put all the meat on the grill with the new electric Hyundai Kona. From this car, we were already able to know all its aesthetic details a few months ago. However, many details were left out and that is now fully revealed. The second generation of this electric car is loaded with technology, image, and, above all, an ideal positioning to take over a good part of the attractively priced electric SUV market.

Outwardly there are hardly any differences from what has already been seen in other previous announcements. In general terms, its SUV body presents very avant-garde and futuristic lines, with very marked wheel arches and black plastic inserts that give it that adventurous character. Its lines directly favor the aerodynamic flow, since its coefficient is only 0.27. On the front, its line of LED lights that crosses the entire width of the vehicle predominates, as well as the hatch from which the load will be carried out. In the end, there are some generous optical groups quite hidden with the style of the body.

Its profile presents very marked lines of tension, denoting the muscular style of the ensemble. On the other hand, its wheels present a renewed and more aerodynamic design, thus favoring the airflow in the profile of the vehicle. The body can be decorated in a wide variety of shades: 19, specifically.

Finally, its rear stands out (as it happens in the front) by a thin strip of LED light that crosses the entire width of the vehicle. The rear headlights are located at the ends, on the wheel arches themselves, thus offering a very unusual and differentiating image. Finally, in the center of the set is the logo of the Korean company, as well as the name of the model itself.

New Hyundai Kona Electric

Compared to the previous generation, the electric Hyundai Kona has more extensive dimensions: 4,335 mm in length (175 mm more), 1,825 mm in width (25 mm more), 1,575 mm in height (20 mm more), and 2,660 mm in the wheelbase (60 mm more). These figures are vital for the positioning of this electric car since they provide it with greater interior habitability and more storage space.

Turning to the cabin, a few surprises await us since it was already unveiled by the brand a few weeks ago. In the center of the dashboard is a double screen panel, instrumentation, and infotainment, both with a diagonal of 12.3 inches. Among the biggest changes from the previous generation, the gear selector is now located behind the steering wheel, thus gaining more storage space between the front seats.

New Hyundai Kona Electric

As an eye-catching element, it incorporates a Head-Up Display that projects an image of up to 12 inches onto the windshield, in front of the driver. The new electric Hyundai Kona will be able to update its software through the OTA wireless connection. The rear row seats are foldable to thus generate more cargo space in the trunk, which in its usual position has a volume of 466 liters.

Hyundai Kona mechanics

The electric Hyundai Kona has two alternatives differentiated especially by the size of its battery and the power of its electric motor. In the access model, the maximum power is 116 kW (156 CV) and the torque figure reaches 255 Nm. The capacity of its battery is 48.4 kWh, which generates a range of up to 340 kilometers.

New Hyundai Kona Electric

Alternatively, the second option is equipped with an electric motor of 163 kW (218 CV) and 255 Nm of maximum torque. The battery has a capacity of 65.4 kWh and its range amounts to 490 kilometers. Both options feature 400V architecture, will be front-axle driven and can be fast-charged from 10 to 80 percent in 41 minutes.

According to the company, these range figures will be especially easy to obtain through urban driving and with the use of the i-Pedal and its regenerative braking system. In addition to this, the model has a particular V2L load and dynamic sound system through its speakers.

New Hyundai Kona Electric interior

At the moment a specific sale price is not known, something for which we will have to wait a few months. Its availability in Spain is expected to be by the end of 2023, although reservations may be made earlier; Specifically, next summer.

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