New Tesla Model 3 gave small details for its interior

Little by little we are learning new details about the renewed Tesla Model 3. Based on the images, its launch seems imminent, although there is still no official presentation date. The arrival of the Model 3 to the Tesla fleet was a true turning point for the American company and electric mobilization around the world. Converted into an internationally successful saloon, its next generation will present much more profound changes than expected. Its bodywork will change and its interior too. Until now it had not been seen, but now, thanks to an indiscreet video, we can take our first look at a cabin that will have interesting news.

Under the internal code of Project Highland, the renovation of the Tesla Model 3 started many months ago. Submerged in the most absolute of secrets, the development has been shown fewer times than usual, but little by little we are discovering new and revealing details. Even though its sales are still very high, Tesla must update its midsize saloon before the arrival of new and powerful rivals. Asian manufacturers can make a dent in the numbers and Austin doesn’t want the crown taken from them.

The Model 3 2024 has long been seen on the outside. Before his first image, many doubted that Tesla was going to change so many things, but finally, it has been known that it was. The exterior redesign will be complete. The new front end will show a cleaner, more fluid look with a sharper, more aerodynamic nose. The Tesla Model Y, the mass hit, is expected to follow the same update patterns. The SUV will also get a major update starting next year. In this case, the development program is hidden under the name of Project Juniper, although for the moment it has not been seen on the street.

The new images, discovered via drone-view video, show that engineers are working on a new interior look for the Model 3. The first thing that catches your eye is the presence of a round steering wheel. It may seem odd, but Tesla has paid a lot of attention to the Yoke steering wheel since the Model S and Model X were updated. However, users and experts have launched ravenous criticism of it, forcing Austin to offer a conventional steering wheel as an alternative. The Model 3 test unit mounts a normal steering wheel, but with the appearance changed.

Tesla Model 3 interior

Although we see the dashboard completely covered by a camouflage canvas, we sense that the area will continue to present the same pattern as now. Digital instrumentation is not guessed, so the central screen will continue to be the main axis of control of the vehicle. We assume that Tesla is making changes to the handling, and while it’s too soon to tell what they’ll be like, it will likely inherit the on-screen start-up system from the Model S and Model X, losing peripheral control behind the wheel.

We also hope the Americans are going the extra mile to improve fit and build quality. Two weak points have always accompanied those of Austin.

There is not much left for the new Tesla Model 3 to enter the production phase. The current model is giving its last commercial legs, although it will still be present in the range for several months. The latest reports reveal that the new version will hit the assembly line on June 1st. Tesla has prohibited its Chinese workers from coming to the plant with their mobile phones from that date. A sign that something important is going to happen. The Model 3 will begin assembly tests in China and the whole world expects Elon Musk to present it to society during the summer.

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