New Tesla Model 3 Performance will come with better range and power

The Tesla Model 3 Highland has just arrived on the market and yes, practically everyone has liked it. No one doubts that it is the best possible purchase among electric cars in its category. Of course, the arrival of the strong restyling that the model has received has meant the disappearance of the Tesla Model 3 Performance, its sportiest configuration. Now, fortunately, we have been able to know that the Performance version is going to return and, in addition, we already have key information about it such as its maximum power figure and its acceleration data from 0-60 MPH.

Leaked documentation has revealed that, as suspected, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is very close to being available again and receiving the news of this ‘ Highland’ version. Now, not only will it inherit all the changes from the restyling, but it will also debut its changes. It has been commented that, based on the VIN that appears in the documentation, with a letter T, the new Tesla Model 3 Performance could have three electric motors just like the Plaid versions. of the Model 

These are the sportiest version of the recent powerful restyling

Until now the Tesla Model 3 Performance had offered a two-motor configuration with 534 HP of maximum power, but it is planned that in this restyling the most powerful version will introduce a new front motor. And more specifically, the same front electric motor that the Tesla Model S Plaid already has. In this way, it will not only have more power than the previous version, but it will also offer better acceleration from 0-60 MPH. Something fundamental in this Performance version.

Furthermore, things have become more difficult in this segment because, for example, the newcomer Hyundai IONIQ 5 N stands out for its 650 HP of maximum power. What is expected from the Tesla Model 3 Performance is that with this new electric motor, it will enter a range of around 600 HP. Yes, it will surely fall somewhat short of the Korean model, but the distances will be smaller, and, in addition, Tesla will continue to focus on offering a higher quality product with greater energy efficiency than its competitors’ models.

Tesla Model 3 Performance

In addition to increasing its power figure to approximately 600 HP, the new Tesla Model 3 Performance is expected to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in around 3 seconds. In any case, as we mentioned previously, with this Tesla Model 3 Highland, even in its sportiest version, the American brand is very focused on reducing energy consumption to increase range. Indeed, like the rest of the versions of the model, the Tesla Model 3 Performance will have more range than the previous version.

What has not yet emerged is what the aesthetic differences will be. However, according to the latest information that has been leaking, in addition to specific wheels with a more sporty design, the Tesla Model 3 Performance is expected to have a striking rear diffuser. Beyond this, it is a mystery how its design will differ. It is not yet known when the Tesla Model 3 Performance will be released, but it seems quite clear that the brand would be thinking about the beginning of 2024 to start marketing this version of its restyling.

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