NIO confirms 150 kWh battery and 1,000 km of range

That the Chinese are going at a different pace with the electric car is something that we can see both in the number of launches, the segments they occupy, and their overwhelming sales figures. Now the Chinese brand NIO has hit the table by confirming that before the end of the year it will deliver the first units of its semi-solid battery, which will boost energy density and autonomy.

This will be the first semi-solid electrolyte battery manufactured to date for the automotive industry. Some cells will stand out for their high nickel content, which will allow them to enjoy specific energy of 360 Wh/kg. Something that places it above the most advanced cells at present, which are around 260 Wh/kg.

Some batteries that should begin to reach the first models such as the ES8 SUV, which will see its approved autonomy reach 850 kilometers, the ES6, a more compact SUV, which will reach 900 kilometers, as well as the ET7 saloon, which will get the most out of this pack achieving the 1,000 km approved.

But without a doubt, the most interesting part is that thanks to the ability to replace the batteries in their vehicles, a functionality designed to use the battery change stations, current customers will be able to access this new technology if they so wish.

In this way, NIO ES6 customers, with 70 or 84 kWh batteries depending on the version, will be able to request the manufacturer to replace their battery with the new 150 kWh pack that will allow them to boost their autonomy. Of course, with a cost yet to be determined.


But in this way, NIO positions itself as a brand that works to improve solutions for future customers, but without neglecting current ones, who are the best ambassadors and who are usually forgotten by brands once they have left the dealership.

A Chinese brand, which we must not forget is already in Europe, and will begin its deployment in the second half of the year, pushed by the good economic news that allows it to have a large amount of cash, and the support of investors to make the international leap.

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