NIO electric car can now be purchased in Europe

NIO has quickly entered the European market with very promising cars. Its sales model is extended with the possibility of buying cars and not just renting them. Prices are affected by it.

Getting there first is leading to a frantic race among Chinese brands to conquer the European market. NIO has made an exceptional deployment in recent months. Although at the moment it does not cover the entire continent, in the countries where it can be bought, the expectation is maximum. To offer more possibilities to customers, NIO will offer two acquisition formats: rental and purchase. This last option now comes with sales prices that can be quite interesting.

In the middle of last October, NIO announced the official prices of its cars for the European market, mainly the German one, which is where they want to start. The initial sales strategy only included renting the car for a monthly payment during a multi-year contract. A format that more and more drivers throughout Europe are choosing, attracted by greater flexibility. If the car doesn’t convince you, you don’t use it or you want to change it, you can always do it, although that flexibility means paying high monthly fees.

The cheapest car in the house is the NIO ET5, a saloon that directly competes with the BMW i4 and the Tesla Model 3. In its access version, it offers a 75 kWh capacity battery that allows it to offer a range of 445 kilometers. The price with the lease format is 999 euros per month, a fee that is not insignificant, although it can be said that it is correct. If we move up the scale of models, we see how the payments grow to 1,660 euros per month. With these figures, many buyers think twice before opting for a family unit.


For this reason, NIO has opened its hand to new sales solutions, opting for direct sales. A classic format that still has a lot of traction among drivers. As the company warned when promising the definitive purchase format, today we have been able to know what price the NIO electric ones will have. In the German market, the cheapest model will continue to be the ET5, starting its sale at 49,900 euros for the most basic version of all. Next is the NIO ET7 with a minimum invoice of 69,900 euros, while the NIO EL7 will be the most expensive of all with a price never less than 73,900 euros.

These prices only include the rental of the battery, which has particular advantages such as the extended warranty or the change at no cost if the degradation is greater than what is stipulated. In addition to the price of the car, a small monthly rental fee must be added. However, customers can also choose to buy it outright, paying an additional €12,000 for the 75 kWh battery, or an additional €21,000 if the 100 kWh capacity battery is preferred.


It is not surprising that at these prices NIO has decided not to land in the Spanish market for now. The main bet is set in countries where the electric car is already widely accepted, such as the Netherlands and Germany. Once the network expands, it will cover more countries. What NIO has not announced at the moment is when the financing option will be available. The brand limits itself to saying that it will be able to have it later, although without giving specific dates. Surely it forms part of the ambitious strategy announced a few days ago for next year.

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