NIO ET5 Electric Saloon With Up To 150 kWh

Today the NIO EV Day is taking place. An event where the Chinese manufacturer is showing its main innovations at the organizational level, and also its upcoming launches. Among them, the NIO ET5 stands out, which has been presented and has even already opened its reserves for the Chinese market.

Among the main novelties is the expansion of NIO in Europe. The manufacturer has confirmed that in 2022 it will extend its network of stores and technical services to Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden. Places that it will expand to reach 25 countries by 2025.

Another aspect in which he is betting the strongest, and practically alone, is the change of battery. A technology that allows the brand’s customers to be able to use stations where they can recover autonomy in a few minutes with a change of their battery, in a network that by the end of 2022 will be made up of no less than 1,300 stations, both in China and in Europe.

There are many gadgets and curiosities that this model will bring. Among them, virtual reality glasses stand out, and that we can use them to simulate a huge 201-inch screen from 6 meters away.

But without a doubt one of the great stars of the presentation has been the new member of the family. The NIO ET5. A compact saloon that stands out for its careful design and its balanced offer in aspects such as sportiness, autonomy, and price.


The ET5 will feature elements such as a novel frameless suction electric door system. An aspect of which we do not know many details but that seems intended to facilitate contactless access. It will also feature an advanced self-driving system equipped with a modern LIDAR sensor, allowing it to achieve level 3 autonomous driving.

This will be possible in part thanks to the deployment of high-resolution cameras, and Nvidia’s powerful computer, ADAM, which will be in charge of managing the torrent of information from cameras and sensors. A computer with a speed of 240 teraflops per second and capable of managing up to 8 gigabytes of data produced by the vehicle’s sensor every second.

This will gradually develop its capabilities, and adapt them to the evolution of legislation, to offer in the medium term autonomous and safe driving in scenarios such as roads, urban areas, car parks and will even allow you to autonomously access the battery change stations. The full NAD features will be rolled out gradually after development validation and will be available to users through a monthly subscription of 95 euros per month, which the customer can select when to activate or deactivate.


It will also mount a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 sound system that will allow us to turn the interior of the vehicle into a movie theater when we are, for example, waiting for a load.

Propulsion system and autonomy

It will have a powerful propulsion system capable of propelling you to 100 km / h in 4.3 seconds, 4-piston brakes that reduce braking from 100 km / h to 0 in 33 meters, all with an aerodynamic body with a figure of coefficient of just 0.24 Cx.

The ET5 may have up to three battery packs. A 75 kWh access and 550 kilometers of autonomy under the new Chinese CLTC cycle, a second option with a 100 kWh pack that provides an approved autonomy of more than 700 kilometers, while the top of the range will have a battery of 150 kWh, enough to reach 1,000 km of autonomy.

NIO is aware of the importance of safety. That is why the ET5 has been designed to meet the C-NCAP and EuroNCAP standards, where they hope to achieve five stars. To this end, the ET5 features an ultra-high-strength steel-aluminum hybrid body with torsional stiffness of up to 34,000 Nm/deg. With an ultra-low center of gravity of 482.6mm and an ultra-wide wheel path of 1,685mm, the ET5 has achieved a roll resistance rating of 1.7, above NHTSA’s five-star criteria.

NIO ET5 Price

Without a doubt, prices are one of the most anticipated sections when we talk about a Chinese model. In the case of the ET5 in its local market, it will start at 45,770 euros to change before public aid, while for those who opt for the battery rental system, which will allow them to access the battery change stations, the cost will be 36,000 euros to change.

NIO ET5 interior

A model that has already started its sales in China today, and is expected to arrive in Europe in the second half of 2022.

A proposal that with a competitive price, will undoubtedly become a true Trojan horse for the Chinese manufacturer in Europe where it will meet competition such as the Tesla Model 3, which, as we recall, starts at 47,400 euros at the exchange rate in China, which It is slightly above the access version of the ET5, which will have a battery with very similar characteristics.

If we transfer this difference to Europe, it would mean that the NIO would start in our market at around 50,500 euros.

Tough competition for other models already on the market or preparing their arrival, such as the BMW i4, the Polestar 2, as well as the future Volkswagen ID.7 and the Hyundai IONIQ 6, which will also arrive in Europe in 2022.

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