NIO ET7: Startup arrives loaded with technology

NIO ET7 debuts. Designing and creating a vehicle from scratch is a really complex and expensive task. This last point is the one that has the greatest repercussion when it comes to setting up a project of this caliber. We know it very well, well many have been the brands that have wanted to start their journey and have not been able to. Of them, a high number come from China, one of the countries that has shown the greatest capacity for evolution and work.

The proof is in NIO, a firm that was born six years ago. Yes, because it was founded in 2014 by Tencent. For those of you who do not know who is behind that name, it goes without saying that it is a multinational dedicated to the production of services on the internet, artificial intelligence development and advertising in your country. Thus, it is not surprising that they created the NIO ET7, a high-tech electric saloon. You don’t believe it, well look …

The lines of the NIO ET7 hide their more than 5 meters in length


Of the arrival of the NIO ET7 We spoke to you a few days ago. At that time the Chinese firm published a teaser in which they showed the side view of their new sedan. Well, we already have the first official data and it must be recognized that their ambitions have solid foundations. First of all, because the image of this vehicle is very attractive. This they have achieved based on combine smooth lines with well-studied proportions.

The front stands out for its Full LED Optics combined with a bumper with discreet lines. There is a small lower cooling intake and two located on the sides that hide secondary optics. If we go to the side view we can appreciate the smoothness of tension lines that run through the doors or wheel arches. Everything helps to hide the 3.06 meters of battle or an exterior size that reaches about 5.09 meters.

Finally we must take a look at the trailing of ET7. Following the prevailing fashion, its optics use LED technology and, furthermore, they are united in the center. As with the front, the lines that define its appearance are fluid and very simple. This is helped by the integration of the rear window into the tailgate, showing off an elegant and dynamic fastback or coupe silhouette. Everything, monitored through the LIDAR radars in the corners.

Quality and technology in abundance in a minimalist interior


If the exterior image of the NIO ET7 is elegant and fluid in the interior, its designers follow a similar pattern. It stands out for including a large technological arsenal in the form of digital displays. Behind the wheel is a 102-inch that includes HUD technology. Presiding over the dashboard we have a 12.8-inch screen that is complemented by 23 speakers. In addition, it integrates “invisible” smart vents.

With everything, what is truly important about the NIO ET7 is the technology that accompanies it. According to its managers, the world’s first UWB digital key has been released. In addition, it brings together eleven 8MP cameras, LIDAR and Adam radars as well as a NIO supercomputing system. All this amalgam of elements make up the necessary hardware to take the next step: the autonomous driving.

The NIO ET7 debuts the world’s first UWB digital key with centimeter-accurate location capability

As stated by the responsible for NIO in the presentation of ET7

«The ET7 presents the latest NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving) technology NIO based on NIO Aquila Super Sensing and NIO Adam Super Computer. NAD provides safer and more relaxing autonomous driving from point A to point B, gradually covering cases such as highways, cities, parking lots and battery change »

According to the quality of materials and settings we are, at least visually, before a product that seeks to approach the premium. By size and wheelbase it should offer a large legroom and trunk, although both data have not been announced yet. Among other elements to highlight in its profuse list of equipment we have some handles to open hidden doors or wireless updates.

And the best Solid State Batteries for 2022!

Next we will review his technique. He NIO ET7, initially, it is offered with two battery options. The smallest has 70 kWh of energy capacity and the most capable increases the data up to 100 kWh. According to the firm’s announcement, following the NEDC homologation standard, it reaches 500 kilometers of autonomy with the first and 700 kilometers with the second. Where there are no variations is in the Powertrain that drives it.

The ET7 has a dual powertrain. It has two electric motors, one on each axis. The former is a permanent magnet and the posterior is induction. In addition, it has electronic control of SiC power. As a result, we have a 480 kW (653 hp) and 850 Nm of maximum torque. So it is not surprising that it accelerates from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3.9 seconds.

NIO Announces New 150 kWh Solid State Batteries Have Ultra High Energy Density of 360 Wh / kg

If all this sounds good to you, in 2022 great news will arrive. A lithium ion battery pack with 150 kWh energy capacity will arrive around those dates. But best of all, it will be solid, leaving behind the electrolytes that accompany the current ones. Thus its energy density will be up to 360 Wh / kg which is up to 50 percent more than the current 100 kWh.

For now we only know that the new batteries will offer good life and higher charging efficiency. The details remain there, although its managers have announced that this package can be used by the models that are already in circulation. For this they offer a interchangeable system that will allow them to be inserted into the compartment where the current ones are housed.

NIO ET7 prices for the United States

Finally we must talk about your price. For now, the data that is available is limited to the United States. A priori it might seem that they are high but these rates do not take into account the possible discounts granted by public administrations. In addition, for those customers who already have an NIO, they will still be able to benefit from greater discounts. By last, there are two types of purchase: one total and one with battery rental.

Version Power Traction Battery capacity Battery rental (Baas) Finish Price $
Version Power Traction Battery capacity Battery rental (Baas) Finish Price $
70 kWh 480 kW (653 hp) Total 70 kWh No Base $ 69,185
70 kWh 480 kW (653 hp) Total 70 kWh 151 $ month Base $ 58,375
100 kWh 480 kW (653 hp) Total 100 kWh No Base $ 78,142
100 kWh 480 kW (653 hp) Total 100 kWh 229 $ month Base $ 58,375
100 kWh 480 kW (653 hp) Total 100 kWh No Premier Edition $ 81,230
100 kWh 480 kW (653 hp) Total 100 kWh 229 $ month Premier Edition $ 61,463

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