NIO opens its second battery exchange station in Europe

NIO has taken another step in its implementation in Norway, opening the second battery exchange station on Monday. It is located in Vestby, between Oslo and Gothenburg (Sweden), on Svarthagsveien street. After a modest opening celebration, free recharge is offered to anyone who passes by in a week – you have to have an NIO.

For those who do not know much about the Oslo area, it must be said that both exchange stations are very close geographically speaking. The first is located in Kjellstad, southwest of Oslo, and the second is in a southerly direction. From one to the other there are barely 50 kilometers. The newly opened is proposed as the exit point to Sweden and Europe, as it could continue to Malmo and enter Denmark by the same route.

At the moment the deployment of battery exchange stations is slow because practically everything that is needed comes from China. A factory in Pest (Hungary) will start up in September to produce such installations locally and speed things up. At the beginning of the year, 20 exchange stations were announced in Norway, they are taking it easy.

The NIO ES8, the first NIO model in Norway (and which does not look like it will come to the European Union) began to be marketed on September 30 last year, just before the opening of the only facilities to the public that has been opened in the country, in Oslo. In that same October, the installation work of the first exchange station began, being ready in January 2022.

NIO battery exchange station

A second facility for the public will open in Bergen, with an area of ​​312 square meters, during the third quarter. In Bergen, there will be two more battery exchange stations. Between Oslo and Bergen, there is a good distance, 463 km by the fastest route, since Bergen is on the east coast of the country, and the capital is very close to its western border with the Swedes.

Apart from Norway, NIO will soon be deployed in several EU countries: Germany, Holland, Sweden, and Denmark, also with battery exchange stations. As these countries are relatively close to each other, NIO’s Nordic customers will be able to take international trips with 3-minute breaks to change batteries, being able to use ultra-fast charging for any other route.

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