Nissan announces 100% electric Skyline R32

The R32 is one of the great legends in automotive history. Its performance dazzled the world and now Nissan wants to transfer that heritage to a 100% electric model.

In the automotive world, very few cars have gone down in history on a global scale. Although there are household names in the automotive scene, only a few command respect within the community. The Nissan Skyline is one of them. The Japanese have some of the greatest sports cars in history to their credit, and the R32 of the 1980s is one example. Its extraordinary performance launched it to fame, but now one unit will prove that electrification can take its place too.

Surely not all fans will be happy with such a change. What some will dismiss as heresy, for others it will be the unstoppable rise of progress. Times change and you have to adapt to them, but without losing sight of the past. In conjunction between the new and the old, Nissan has announced that it is developing an R32 to be 100% electric. Old Godzilla will no longer roar like before, but he will prove once again that old rockers never die, they just transform.

The truth is that the Japanese have not given many explanations of how the project will be. Despite having a long history in the electric vehicle world, Nissan seems to have lost touch with reality. The Nissan LEAF, long the world’s best-selling electric car, is in utter darkness. Its renewal has not happened for years and its power of conviction has vanished like a sugar cube before the arrival of many powerful rivals. Nissan has already confirmed that the name will not disappear from the range, but it will be transformed in the coming years.

Nissan Skyline R32
Nissan Skyline R32

The Nissan Ariya is also not living up to expectations. Sales are low and it barely represents a minimal part of the company’s sales mix. Despite this, it is a good electric SUV that is not sold. Nissan has to recover the lost position and it will not be easy. That is where the Skyline R32 EV, which is already under development, plans to come into play. To evoke one of the most attractive and satisfying stages for the brand with the hope that it will serve as support for the most modern and sustainable range. At the moment, we cannot advance terms or benefits. 

We guess the R32 EV will be a creative exercise and a show of force by Nissan. It is to be hoped that it will never see the light of day as a production model. However, it is not the first time that the Japanese have flirted with the idea of ​​launching an electrified Nissan GT-R. Back in 2021, the first rumors arose, but since then, we have not heard from a promising project. Last year they noticed a small change in the discourse. Nissan didn’t consider making a 100% electric GT-R until battery technology gave it enough confidence to create a wide-range electric beast.

We may not be so far away from seeing a Nissan-signed extreme sports car with an electrical schematic. The Japanese are under eyebrows about devoting all their resources to solid-state batteries. His program indicates that 2028 will be the year in which we will see the first Nissan powered by the next generation of batteries. It will be then when the possibility of seeing a GT-R moved by electric motors is analyzed again. Until then, we’ll have to settle for a modified R32 Skyline that won’t hit dealerships except as a demonstration of what’s possible.

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