Nissan Frontier 2022: New generation after 17 years

Nissan Frontier 2022 debut. Perhaps because it had been without profound changes for a long time, or because it was one of the forgotten waves of the renewal wave that the firm boasts since the last five years, it is time to update the Nissan Frontier 2022. It should be clarified that this model is exclusively dedicated to the US market and that it differs from the global model that we do have in Mexico, which was updated a few months ago.

Its physiognomy evokes the square lines of the Nissan pick-ups of the eighties, famous for their durability and off-road capability (reminiscent of the Nissan Patrol?), Although now it boasts a slightly more aggressive and muscular appearance given the importance of work trucks on this side of the world.

A robust grille stands out, flanked by new rectangular LED headlights while widened fenders give it that beefy look so sought after in this class of vehicle.

Brand new square tubular profile chassis – greater structural rigidity – and although it retains the same wheelbase as its veteran predecessor, it boasts a total length increased by 5 inches (12.7 cm). The front suspension uses the conventional overlapping triangle scheme, while the rear one retains the rigid axle supported by leaf springs.

Nissan Frontier 2022

Nissan Frontier 2022 Engine

The main engine is provided by the 3.8-liter V6 capable of generating 310 hp and 281 lb-ft (381 Nm), power managed by a nine-speed automatic transmission while a four-wheel drive is an option.

Nissan Frontier 2022

The interiors follow the trend of quality and design appreciated in the new examples of Pathfinder, which speaks of a noticeable increase in the qualities of materials and textures. Nissan boasts the introduction of Zero Gravity seats, which promote a more relaxed trip over long distances. It also has greater spaces to accommodate objects while on the side of the digital interconnection is both Apple Carplay and Android Auto.

Nissan Frontier 2022

Although the intimate air of SUVs prevails, the Nissan Frontier 2022 boasts design details inspired by elements that its loyal users added such as air rifles or field tools. Regarding the issue of electronic assistance, the new Nissan Frontier mounts the Safety Shield 360 peripheral vision system as well as most of the alerts aimed at avoiding accidents

Nissan Frontier 2022

And yes, there will be a PRO-4X version as a maximum adventurer specimen, which includes Hill Descent Control and Hill Start Assist assists. Incidentally, the differentials on this model feature electronic locking, Bilstein dampers, and skid plates in the vital areas of the truck.

True to its offering, Nissan will offer the new Frontier in a long (King) and double (Crew Cab) body. Its final arrival -and prices- will take place as soon as the summer arrives in the north of the American continent.

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